15 Amigurumi Eyes Ideas

Discover creative and charming amigurumi eyes ideas to give your crocheted creations a personality that pops.

Button Eyes

button eyes

These classic eyes add a vintage charm and are perfect for a nostalgic touch.

Safety Eyes With Glitter Resin

safety eyes with glitter resin

They add a touch of magic, making your amigurumi sparkle with personality.

Embroidered Eyes With Yarn

embroidered eyes with yarn

Transform your amigurumi with expressive eyes by stitching vibrant yarn directly onto the piece!

Felt and Bead Combination

felt and bead combination

Combine felt circles with tiny beads for adorable, textured peepers that add depth to your amigurumi creations.

Polymer Clay Eyes

polymer clay eyes

Create lifelike and customizable eye details with vibrant polymer clay, ensuring each amigurumi has a truly unique gaze.

Painted Wooden Beads

painted wooden beads

Paint wooden beads for a charming, rustic look that adds a personalized touch to your amigurumi.

Googly Eyes

googly eyes

For an instant dash of whimsy, these plastic peepers add fun and animated character to your amigurumi creations.

Crochet Eyes With Embroidery

crochet eyes with embroidery

Tiny, crocheted circles with detailed embroidered pupils make for expressive amigurumi eyes that can wink, blink, or even look adorably confused.

Glass Cabochon Eyes

glass cabochon eyes

Imagine your amigurumi sporting mesmerizing, lifelike eyes that look like they’ve been caught mid-magic spell.

Fabric Covered Buttons

fabric covered buttons

Little fabric-covered buttons can add a cozy, textured charm to your amigurumi’s face.

Needle-felted Wool Eyes

needle felted wool eyes

With needle-felted wool eyes, you get a soft, textured look perfect for adding gentle expressions to your amigurumi.

Sequins and Beads for Sparkle

sequins and beads for sparkle

Add a twinkle to your amigurumi by using sequins and beads for a dazzling, eye-catching effect.

Simple Knot and Stitch Eyes

simple knot and stitch eyes

Simple threads and a knot can create charming, minimalist eyes perfect for a rustic amigurumi look.

3D Printed Custom Eyes

3d printed custom eyes

Get your amigurumi some truly unique and intricate peepers by crafting custom 3D printed eyeballs.

Use of Small Gemstones

use of small gemstones

Small gemstones can add a twinkle and a touch of luxury to your amigurumi creations.

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