Big Twist Tubular Yarn: Ultimate Guide and Best Practices

Unlock the potential of Big Twist Tubular Yarn because it can revolutionize your craft projects, transforming them into unique, textural masterpieces.

Big Twist Tubular Yarn, one of the most versatile yarn types suitable for several yarn crafts, is an excellent choice due to its unique tubular structure and its high durability that add a special charm to your creations.

In this article, you will discover what exactly makes this yarn distinguished, its properties, suitable projects, tips for working with it, as well as care instructions.

By following the insights shared, you will be able to master using Big Twist Tubular Yarn and take your crocheting and knitting projects to a whole new level.

Let’s dive into the fascinating world of this unique yarn and unlock its potential for yielding exquisite handcrafted pieces.

Key takeaways:

  • Key Takeaway Points:
  • Big Twist Tubular Yarn has a unique tubular structure and is highly durable.
  • Tubular Yarn offers properties like insulation and cushioning.
  • Benefits of using Big Twist Tubular Yarn include enhanced texture, lightweight feel, and durability.
  • Popular projects include scarves, blankets, pet beds, and rugs.
  • Storage, handling, tension, and care are important considerations when working with this yarn.

Big Twist Tubular Yarn Properties

big twist tubular yarn properties

Unique for its composition, this versatile yarn boasts properties that make it suitable for a variety of projects. Encased within a thin netting is an array of plush, lightweight fibers, creating the trademark tubular structure. Its round silhouette allows for a dense textural finish, adding depth and visual interest to your creations.

Beyond the visual appeal, it has a notable softness that elevates comfort in wearables, such as scarves or hats. However, it doesn’t compromise on durability. Thanks to the robust netting, it retains shape well over time despite regular use. Notably, it is machine washable, making it a convenient choice for both wearables and home decor items.

Finally, it offers an impressive range of colors. From vivid hues to muted tones, there’s an option for any palette preference or project theme. This flexibility lets you pick the perfect shade to match your creative vision.

Understanding Tubular Yarn Structure

understanding tubular yarn structure

The unique structure of tubular yarn makes it stand out among other types of yarn. Enclosing a hollow core, it is essentially a long, thin tube crafted from fibers. This configuration is important for several reasons:

1. Durability: The yarn’s tubular form enhances strength, helping creations withstand wear and tear.

2. Stretchability: Tubular yarn possesses elasticity, allowing it to stretch without losing its original shape.

3. Lightweight: Despite its large diameter, it remains light due to the hollow center, making it comfortable to work with and wear.

4. Insulation: Its unique construction facilitates good insulation, keeping you warm in your homemade garments.

5. Cushioning: The hollow center renders a plush, cushiony effect, perfect for creating soft rugs, chunky scarves, and cozy throws.

Understanding these fundamental attributes of tubular yarn can help in deciding when and where to use it in your crafts.

Benefits of Using Big Twist Tubular Yarn in Knitting and Crocheting

benefits of using big twist tubular yarn in knitting and crocheting

Equipped with a unique structure, Big Twist Tubular Yarn is known to give a boost to your knitted or crocheted items in several ways.

1. Enhanced Texture & Volume: The tubular form gives a plush, three-dimensional finish — great for creating thick scarves, sweaters and cozy afghans.

2. Lightweight & Warm: Although it offers high volume, it is astonishingly lightweight, ensuring warm but not heavy clothing and accessories.

3. Easy to Handle: Its tubular design makes it simple to grip, pushing away common difficulties faced with thinner, traditional yarn varieties.

4. Durable: The specific knit tube structure reduces breaking or fraying, leading to long lasting finished pieces.

5. Stretchy: It has inherent elasticity, perfect for projects that require a bit of stretch, like headbands or beanies.

6. Versatile: Available in a vibrant range of colors, it allows for endless creative possibilities.

Equipped with these benefits, this yarn is surely a unique addition to your crafting toolkit.

Popular Crafting Projects With Big Twist Tubular Yarn

popular crafting projects with big twist tubular yarn

Offering an ideal weight and sturdiness, this yarn is excellent for creating chunky scarves, winter hats, and throw blankets. It’s also well suited for making pet beds due to its durability and softness.

Cushions and rugs can be crafted for a homemade touch to decor. The uniform thickness of Tubular Yarn makes for an excellent choice in weaving projects as well. Functional items, like tote bags and baskets, hold their shape nicely when crafted with this yarn.

For creators who enjoy toy making, this yarn is a top choice for making soft, cuddly, and hard-wearing items. Larger amigurumi projects, especially, benefit from the volume and rigidity it provides.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning the growing trend of using Tubular Yarn in arm knitting. Due to its bulkiness, entire blankets can be completed quickly, making it an attractive choice for those seeking rapid project completion.

How to Handle and Store Big Twist Tubular Yarn

Ensure the yarn is stored in a clean, dry environment to protect its fibrous quality and colour. A ventilated bin or a breathable bag is ideal. Avoid direct sunlight, as it can fade the colors over time.

When handling the yarn, avoid tugging or pulling aggressively to prevent damage to its tubular structure. Instead, unwind gently from the skein, maintaining even tension.

When you need to halt your project, don’t just cut the yarn and leave it frayed. Instead, leave a bit of slack and tuck the end into the project or secure with a yarn needle. This protects the integrity of your yarn and your work.

Promptly address any knots or tangles. In case of a knot, try loosening it with a yarn needle without causing any tearing. For tangles, slowly and carefully untangle without pulling too hard to avoid potential damage to the yarn.

Remember, treating your tubular yarn with respect will extend its life and enhance your crafting projects.

Dealing With Common Issues: Knotting and Fraying

When tackling knotting problems, the first step is to slowly and carefully untangle the knot without pulling harshly, which can cause more knots or even breakage. Using a crochet hook can help to pick apart the tangled areas. And remember, patient unwinding often saves yarn and reduces frustration.

On the other hand, fraying tends to happen with usage and over time. To minimize this, always use the correct size of crochet hooks or knitting needles for the yarn weight. Bigger tools can split the yarn, causing it to fray. Also, maintaining a steady tension and avoiding unnecessary tugging or pulling on the yarn can prevent fraying.

Finally, storage plays a pivotal role. Keep your tubular yarn in a cool, dry, and clean place, preferably a tote or a yarn organizer. Do not store it with sharp objects which can damage the yarn texture, leading to pesky knots and fraying.

Tips for Working With Big Twist Tubular Yarn

Use bigger needles or hooks: Working with larger needles or hooks can help maintain a light and fluffy texture and prevent your stitch from becoming too tight. This unique yarn expands when worked with, so allowing extra room with a larger needle or hook can benefit the finished product.

Avoid snagging: As you proceed, keep an eye out for areas where the yarn might snag itself against other portions of the yarn. Smooth transitions will prevent bunching and ensure an even texture.

Take your time: Because of its unique structure, the Big Twist Tubular Yarn may require a slightly slower pace than more traditional yarn forms. This way, you’ll maintain control and achieve a more consistent result.

Roll gently: Handle your tubular yarn gently when rolling into a ball for working. A loose, airy roll will maintain the yarn’s texture and prevent it from becoming too compact.

Test tension and gauge: Before you start your main project, create a small sample swatch to test the tension and gauge of the yarn with your chosen knitting or crocheting technique. This will help you adjust your style to suit the material better.

Always check the yarn direction: Prior starting, make sure that your yarn is coming from the center of the skein, this will prevent it from rolling around while you work.

Have extra yarn on hand: Due to the tubular structure of the yarn, it may be necessary to have some extra yarn on hand in case more is needed than initially projected. It’s better to have a little extra than to come up short in your project.

Care Instructions for Items Made With Big Twist Tubular Yarn

To ensure longevity of your crafted items, washing techniques play an essential part. For pieces made of tubular yarn, it’s strongly recommended to hand wash in tepid water using a mild detergent. Rinse thoroughly, gently squeeze – but avoid wringing – to remove excess water. To dry, lay the item out flat on a clean towel, reshape it to its original dimensions and allow it to air dry.

Now, while this yarn is robust, it’s not suggested to bleach or steam your pieces, as these processes can damage the fibers and shorten the lifespan of your work. For the same reason, items should not be machine-washed or dried. With good care, your handmade items can hold their beauty for a long time, continuing to serve their function and charm observers. As a final tip, always store yarn-made items in a dry, cool location away from direct sunlight.

Remember, ignoring these care instructions could result in undesired fading, stretching, or even fraying of your items. Consistent proper care will keep your projects looking brand new, stretching their life span and enduring their functionality.

Exploring Color Options in Big Twist Tubular Yarn

One of the spectacular attributes of this yarn is its extensive color palette. From classic neutrals such as white, black, and grays, to vibrant hues like red, blue, and purple, there are countless options to satisfy any project needs.

Additionally, Big Twist Tubular Yarn also offers multicolor alternatives, where two or more contrasting colors are interwoven into the yarn.

Choosing the right color is a crucial step in the crafting process. It’s helpful to consider the final purpose of the item being crafted. For instance, for a vibrant, child-friendly blanket, bright, playful colors may be more suitable. Conversely, if you’re working on a chic scarf, a subtle or pastel shade could be ideal.

Additionally, remember that colors often carry symbolic meanings. Blue is typically soothing and serene, making it perfect for a calming baby blanket. Red can represent love or passion, and could be the right choice for a heartfelt homemade gift.

Understanding the available color options in Big Twist Tubular Yarn not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your creations but also brings a lot of joy to the crafting process itself. It’s worthwhile to take some time exploring these various shades to find the perfect match for your project.

Finding the Right Needle or Hook Size for Big Twist Tubular Yarn

When selecting a needle or hook size for tubular yarn, take note of the yarn’s unique structure. The hollow, tube-like quality of the yarn requires larger tools than you may typically use with other fibers. For most projects, a US size 10 to 12 knitting needle or a K to M size crochet hook works best, providing the correct balance of tension and drape.

Incorporating the right tension is crucial; using overly small needles or hooks can lead to a stiff fabric, while tools that are too large may result in a loose weave. Do test swatches to determine which size gives you the desired results. Always remember – the goal is to accommodate the yarn’s thickness while creating the best possible stitch definition.

Comparing Big Twist Tubular Yarn to Other Types of Yarn

Popular yarn types other than Big Twist Tubular, include worsted, bulky, DK, sock, and sport yarns. These varieties differ in their construction, texture, and weight.

Worsted yarn is often a go-to for many knitters and crocheters. Unlike the tubular structure of the Big Twist Tubular yarn, worsted yarns are twisted tightly to create a smooth yarn that’s comfortable to work with.

Bulky yarn is heftier, delivering a plushy feel and quick completion of projects, due to larger stitching. Comparatively, Big Twist Tubular yarn also offers a chunky consistency but stands out due to its unique tube-like form which provides volume without excessive weight.

DK, sock, and sport yarns on the other hand, are thinner. These are fantastic for crafting detailed projects like socks or lacework. While Big Twist Tubular yarn can also be utilized for intricate work, its volume-centric structure makes it more suitable for bigger, robust projects.

The choice between Big Twist Tubular yarn and other yarn types inevitably depends on the specific requirements of the project as well as personal preference for the feel and the working properties of the yarn.

Considerations When Buying Big Twist Tubular Yarn

When deciding to purchase this kind of yarn, one of the first aspects to consider is the weight and length you’ll need for a project. The handy packaging of Big Twist Tubular Yarn often provides this detail. Some projects may require a longer or heavier yarn, so calculating beforehand can save time and money.

Next, take color selection into account, focusing on both individual preferences and the demands of the pattern. Big Twist Tubular Yarn comes in a variety of colors, fitting a wide array of project aesthetics.

Assessing the feel of the yarn is also significant, as it’s going to affect the final product’s comfort. The soft, plush texture of this yarn makes it excellent for blankets, scarves, or plush toys.

Finally, keep cost and value in mind. While Big Twist Tubular Yarn might come with a slightly higher price tag compared to less bulky yarns, it’s important to remember that its unique texture and structure can contribute to the creation of impressive, professional-looking crafts.

Vital Role of Yarn Tension in Crafting With Big Twist Tubular Yarn

Maintaining appropriate yarn tension is crucial when crafting with Big Twist Tubular Yarn. Too tight and your fabric may pucker; too loose, and your final product can lack structure and look uneven. Here’s how to manage tension while working with this particular yarn:

1. Light Grip: Keep a gentle yet firm hold on the yarn, allowing it to glide smoothly between your fingers.

2. Consistent Stitches: Aim for uniformity in stitch size. This might take some practice, but consistency is key for good tension.

3. Needle/Hook Size: Larger needle or hook sizes tend to produce looser tension while smaller ones result in tighter stitches. Choose according to the project’s needs.

4. Rhythm: Maintain a steady rhythm in your work. Hurried crocheting or knitting could lead to erratic tension.

5. Practice: Regular handling of the yarn will let you understand its texture and tensile properties better. Over time, you’ll naturally develop a feel for the right tension.

6. Relaxation: Try to keep your hands and fingers relaxed during crafting sessions to prevent muscle fatigue or tension fluctuations.

Remember, working with tubular yarn may differ from regular yarn due to its unique structure. Patience and practice will help you perfect the tension.

Maintain Quality of Big Twist Tubular Yarn

Preserving the quality of your yarn is integral to the longevity of your finished projects. Here are some strategies you can use:

1. Proper Storage: Store yarn in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Make sure the spot is free from any pests that could damage the yarn.

2. Detangling: Should your tubular yarn get tangled, take the time to gently undo the knots. Avoid cutting the yarn when possible to prevent waste and maintain its structure.

3. Avoid Overstretching: While working, be mindful not to overstretch the yarn. This could lead to your finished project losing its shape over time.

4. Cleaning Before Use: If your yarn gets soiled, consider spot cleaning the dirty areas with a mild detergent rather than washing the entire skein.

5. Keep it Clean: Try to work with clean hands whenever you handle the yarn. Oil and dirt from your hands can transfer to the yarn affecting its texture and color.

Remember, well-maintained yarn will lead to a better end result. It extends the lifespan of your finished projects and ensures they keep their vibrant colors and distinct structure.

User & Eco Friendly

Big Twist Tubular Yarn offers many benefits not just to crafters, but to the environment as well.

This particular type of yarn is made with a focus on sustainability, ensuring minimal impact on the natural world.

The manufacturing process uses less water and energy as compared to the traditional yarn production methods, significantly reducing its carbon footprint.

Not only environmental-friendly, this yarn is also user-friendly.

It’s hypoallergenic, meaning it’s safe for people with sensitive skin, including babies.

Allergies and unpleasant reactions are less likely to occur with this kind of yarn due to its tightly sealed structure, which prevents dust and other allergens.

Importantly, Big Twist Tubular Yarn is also vegan-friendly.

There’s no animal fiber used in the production, making it suitable for those conscious about animal welfare in crafting materials.

While it delivers warmth and softness comparable to wool, it does so without involving any animal product.

It’s easy to see why these features make Big Twist Tubular Yarn a preferred choice among modern knitters and crocheters.

The environmentally and user-friendly qualities align well with today’s increasing emphasis on sustainable and health-conscious choices.


What can I make with big twist tubular yarn?

Big Twist Tubular Yarn is perfect for creating home decor items such as throw blankets, decorative pillows, rugs, and pet beds.

What size yarn is big twist?

Big Twist yarn is a medium weight yarn.

How many yards is a big twist skein of yarn?

A Big Twist skein of yarn contains 560 yards.

What is the recommended needle size for big twist tubular yarn?

The recommended needle size for Big Twist Tubular yarn is US 15 (10mm) for knitting and US N/P-15 (10mm) for crocheting.

Can big twist tubular yarn be used for crochet projects?

Yes, Big Twist Tubular Yarn is suitable for crochet projects due to its stretchy and durable nature.

How does the texture of big twist tubular yarn affect the final product?

The texture of Big Twist Tubular Yarn, owing to its thick, loopy, and tube-like structure, greatly influences the final product, typically resulting in bouncy, plush, and luxuriously soft items with significant volume and significance.

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