15 Blanket Crochet Patterns That Use Less Yarn

Discover brilliant blanket crochet patterns that save yarn while still creating cozy and beautiful results.

Sometimes a cozy blanket is just what the doctor ordered. But hey, who wants to spend a small fortune on yarn to make one?

Fear not, dear reader! I’ve dug deep to bring you blanket crochet patterns that won’t eat up all your yarn stash.

Let’s uncover some fresh, unique ideas that will keep your yarn caddy—and your creativity—full. Ready to dive in?

Key takeaways:

  • Granny Square is modular and perfect for scraps.
  • Mesh Stitch is light, airy, and yarn-stretching.
  • V-stitch combines warmth and breathability efficiently.
  • Chevron Stripe is visually striking with less yarn.
  • Broomstick Lace is elegant, compact, and yarn-saving.

Granny Square Blanket

granny square blanket

These classic squares are perfect for using up scrap yarn, and their airy design means less yarn consumption overall. Plus, they’re modular, so you can create a blanket as big or as small as you like!

Mesh Stitch Blanket

mesh stitch blanket

Mesh stitch blankets create a light, airy texture that keeps you cozy without the weight. This pattern also stretches your yarn further, giving you more blanket for your buck.

V-stitch Blanket

v stitch blanket

This technique combines double crochets and chains, creating an easily recognizable V shape that makes for a light, fabric-efficient blanket. Ideal for using up leftover yarn, this pattern produces a warm yet breathable throw.

Chevron Stripe Blanket

chevron stripe blanket

The zig-zag pattern creates dimension while strategically using less yarn. It’s visually striking, lightweight, and cozy.

Broomstick Lace Blanket

broomstick lace blanket

Think elegant lacework made compact, perfect for using less yarn. This blanket pattern creates an intricate look while keeping things light and airy.

Lacy Wave Blanket

lacy wave blanket

Creates a lovely, flowing pattern that mimics gentle waves. Uses clever stitch spacing to achieve an open, airy effect with less yarn.

Filet Crochet Blanket

filet crochet blanket

This design uses less yarn by incorporating open, airy spaces between solid blocks. It creates elegant, intricate patterns perfect for lightweight, decorative throws.

Hexagon Motif Blanket

hexagon motif blanket

Hexagon motifs interlock beautifully, creating a visually stunning design while conserving yarn. Use color transitions to give it a modern, geometric flair without extra bulk.

Corner-to-corner Mesh Blanket

corner to corner mesh blanket

This delightfully airy design works up quickly and uses significantly less yarn than traditional patterns. It’s perfect for creating a light, breezy blanket that’s still surprisingly cozy.

Shell Stitch Blanket

shell stitch blanket

Shell stitch creates a beautiful, openwork pattern that looks intricate but uses surprisingly little yarn. It’s perfect for creating an airy yet stunning blanket.

Airy Puff Stitch Blanket

airy puff stitch blanket

Airy puff stitches create a delightfully textured and squishy blanket while conserving yarn. Their light, open design makes for a cozy yet breathable piece.

Open Fan Stitch Blanket

open fan stitch blanket

This design is like adding decorative vents to your blanket, making it both breezy and beautifully intricate. It’s perfect for those who crave a bit of flair without the bulk!

Trellis Stitch Blanket

trellis stitch blanket

Trellis stitch is perfect for creating light and airy blankets with an elegant diamond pattern. It not only looks intricate but also uses less yarn due to the openwork design.

Net Stitch Blanket

net stitch blanket

Net stitch blankets create a lovely airy and lightweight design that’s surprisingly warm. The open, mesh-like pattern uses minimal yarn and works up quickly.

Lattice Stitch Blanket

lattice stitch blanket

The lattice stitch creates an open and airy fabric resembling a garden trellis, making it perfect for conserving yarn. This pattern’s delicate, criss-cross design adds texture and visual interest to your blanket without the bulk.

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