15 Blo Crochet Ideas You Will Love

Looking for creative ways to use back loop only (BLO) crochet?

Back Loop Only Plant Hanger

back loop only plant hanger

This inventive crochet creation puts your greens on full display while adding a textured charm to your space.

BLO Textured Baby Blanket

blo textured baby blanket

This snuggly baby blanket, crafted using back loop only stitches, adds a delightful textured touch that’s perfect for cuddles and nap time.

BLO Coaster Set

blo coaster set

These charming back loop only coasters add a touch of texture and elegance to any coffee table.

Back Loop Only Wrist Warmers

back loop only wrist warmers

Perfect for chilly days, these add a stylish textured twist to keeping your hands warm.

BLO Headband

blo headband

Perfect for adding a stylish, textured touch to your accessory collection, this project will keep your ears warm and your outfit on point.

Textured Back Loop Scarf

textured back loop scarf

Elevate your winter wardrobe with a stylish and cozy scarf that showcases beautiful textures by working only in the back loops.

BLO Tote Bag

blo tote bag

This roomy, textured tote is perfect for hauling groceries or beach gear, turning heads with its unique BLO stitch pattern.

Back Loop Only Cushion Cover

back loop only cushion cover

Add texture and style to any room with a cozy, visually appealing crochet accent.

BLO Mug Cozy

blo mug cozy

A back loop only technique creates a snug, textured cover to keep your drinks warm and stylish.

Back Loop Only Wall Hanging

back loop only wall hanging

Creates a stunning piece of textile art with rich textures and visual interest, perfect for sprucing up any blank wall.

BLO Slippers

blo slippers

Keep your feet cozy and stylish with snug, textured footwear ideal for lazy Sundays!

Back Loop Only Table Runner

back loop only table runner

A BLO table runner adds texture and elegance to any dining setup in no time.

BLO Beanie Hat

blo beanie hat

Perfect for chilly days, this hat combines comfort and a ribbed texture, all thanks to the back loop only technique.

Back Loop Only Market Bag

back loop only market bag

Perfect for grocery runs, this bag features a sturdy texture thanks to the BLO technique.

BLO Decorative Pillow

blo decorative pillow

Spruce up your living space with a textured cushion using the back loop only technique for a modern, 3D effect.

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