Crochet Blanket Sizes: Your Ultimate Guide to Perfect Measurements

Discover the standard sizes for crochet blankets and how to choose the right one for any occasion.

Looking for the Goldilocks of crochet blanket sizes? You’re in the right cozy corner of the internet! Whether you’re whipping up a snuggle-worthy baby blanket, the perfect lapghan for serious Netflix binging, or something big enough to cover your whole bed (and maybe the dog too), we’ve got all the dimensions you need. Dive in to get the lowdown on blanket sizes for every occasion and every stitch of yarn.

Key takeaways:

  • Baby blankets: aim for 30×30 or 36×54 inches
  • Lapghans: about 36×48 inches
  • Throw blanket for couch: 50×60 inches
  • Bed-sized blankets: twin, full, queen, king, and California king sizes
  • Adjust sizes with gauge, stitch patterns, or online calculators

Blanket Sizes Guide

blanket sizes guide

Not all blankets are created equal. Different projects call for different dimensions, and knowing what size to aim for is key. A comfy throw for TV time is not the same as a snuggle-up blanket for a queen-sized bed.

Here are a few general size categories to guide your crochet adventures:

A baby blanket typically ranges from 30 to 40 inches square. Perfect for swaddling little ones or for a cozy stroller ride.

Lapghans—those handy lap throws for a bit of warmth while reading or knitting—usually measure around 36 by 48 inches.

Moving up, a throw blanket for cuddling on the couch clocks in around 50 by 60 inches. Just right for movie marathons or accidental naps.

From there, bed-sized blankets go bigger. Twin, full, queen, and king-size blankets each have their own realm of dimensions, often detailed in specific patterns.

Don’t sweat the numbers; the goal is coziness, not a math exam!

Baby Blanket Sizes

When making blankets for babies, think about snuggliness, safety, and practicality. Babies don’t need king-sized crochet marvels, after all.

For newborns, aim for a size around 30×30 inches. It’s perfect for swaddling or tummy time. Plus, it fits nicely in a stroller without getting tangled in the wheels—a definite bonus.

A common size for crib blankets is approximately 36×54 inches. It’s large enough to cover the mattress but not so big that it poses a risk for tiny sleepers.

Don’t forget the versatility of lovey blankets, usually about 12×12 inches. They’re small, portable, and often become a beloved comfort item.

Choose soft, washable yarns. Babies are messy (adorably so), and you’ll be washing these blankets a lot.

Keeping it simple and cozy makes a world of difference for both the baby and the caregiver. Plus, tiny blankets mean faster projects, leaving more time for naps—yours, of course.

Bedding Sizes

Twin blankets, a modest 66 x 90 inches, perfect for snuggling solo or for the pup who thinks your bed is actually theirs.

Full-size, or double, blankets measure about 80 x 90 inches. Ideal to hog all to yourself—or graciously share with a partner.

Queen blankets average 90 x 90-100 inches, giving you and your partner room to play tug-of-war at night.

King blankets, a luxurious 108 x 90-100 inches, perfect if you want to throw caution to the wind and sleep like royalty.

California King, clocking in a little narrower but longer at 104 x 108 inches, is your go-to for those extra inches because who doesn’t want their toes covered?

Tips for Adjusting Blanket Sizes

Remember, blanket sizes are flexible. Here are some pointers to adapt them:

First, gauge matters. Your yarn and hook combination can affect the final size. Always swatch before diving in.

Second, stitch patterns count. Some stitches pull tighter or stretch more. Adjust your starting chain or rows to compensate.

Want it wider? Just add more stitches to your starting chain. Too long? Lose a few rows.

For those who like life simple, use a blanket calculator online. Enter your gauge and desired dimensions, and voila!

Finally, keep in mind, not all heroes wear capes. Some just add a fancy border to make up the size.

Happy crocheting!

Common Blanket Sizes for Beds

Twin-size blankets usually measure around 66 inches by 90 inches. Perfect for solo snoozers.

Full or Double-size blankets typically come in at 80 inches by 90 inches. More room for activities—or just a good night’s sleep.

Queen-size blankets are around 90 inches by 90-100 inches. It’s the Goldilocks of blanket sizes: not too big, not too small, just right.

King-size blankets often measure 108 inches by 90-100 inches. Enough space to get lost in—bring a map!

California King-size blankets? We’re talking a luxurious 104 inches by 108 inches. For the folks who want to wrap themselves like a burrito but also have room for their pets, significant others, and weekend laundry pile.

Each size needs different amounts of yarn and time, so pick the one that fits your bed—or your ambition.

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