15 Must-Try Crochet Chicken Ideas

Get inspired with creative and fun crochet chicken ideas that you can make at home.

Ever feel like your crochet chickens are starting to cluck the same old tune? I’ve got you covered with some egg-citing, never-before-seen ideas!

Prepare to hatch some unique designs. These fresh angles will have your hooks dancing with joy. Let’s ruffle some feathers together!

Chicken Keychain

chicken keychain

This adorable accessory can hang on your keys, bag, or even your rearview mirror, adding a splash of handmade charm to your everyday life. It’s small enough to finish quickly but cute enough to bring clucks of delight wherever you go.

Chicken Egg Cozy

chicken egg cozy

Keep your breakfast eggs warm and stylish with these delightful crochet covers. They add a farm-fresh touch to your morning routine!

Chicken Pot Holder

chicken pot holder

Protect your hands in the kitchen with a fun, chicken-shaped pot holder. Its vibrant design not only keeps you safe but also adds a quirky charm to your cooking space.

Mini Chicken Amigurumi

mini chicken amigurumi

These adorable little crocheted chickens fit perfectly in the palm of your hand and add a whimsical touch to any room. They make great desk buddies or charming gifts for friends.

Chicken-themed Baby Mobile

chicken themed baby mobile

Create a delightful mobile with tiny crocheted chickens to entertain your little one. Hang these feathered friends above the crib for a touch of whimsy and a splash of color.

Chicken Refrigerator Magnets

chicken refrigerator magnets

Add a splash of farmyard fun to your kitchen with these adorable magnets. Perfect for holding up grocery lists or your kid’s latest masterpiece.

Chicken Garden Planter Cover

chicken garden planter cover

Perfect for adding personality to your garden, these covers slip over plant pots to bring a cute, feathery friend to your outdoor space. They also work wonders for keeping small critters at bay while making your plants look just clucking adorable!

Chicken-shaped Cushion

chicken shaped cushion

Ideal for adding a touch of charm to any room, this whimsical cushion provides both comfort and décor. Perfect for cuddling up with during a relaxing evening or brightening up a child’s bedroom.

Chicken Coasters

chicken coasters

Brighten up your coffee table with adorable, feathered friends that keep your surfaces scratch-free. These crochet creations offer the perfect spot for nesting your mugs or glasses.

Chicken Wall Hanging

chicken wall hanging

Adorn your entryway or kitchen with a vibrant, crocheted masterpiece featuring charming, clucky patterns. It’s a whimsical way to welcome guests and add some farm-fresh flair to your decor.

Chicken Egg Basket

chicken egg basket

Give your eggs a cozy home with a crochet basket featuring a charming chicken motif. It’s both a whimsical way to store your eggs and a delightful piece of kitchen décor.

Chicken-themed Bookmarks

chicken themed bookmarks

They make reading extra clucky with a bit of whimsy tucked between your pages. Perfect for gifting or keeping, they add charm to any book.

Chicken Pencil Topper

chicken pencil topper

Give your pencils a feathery upgrade with an adorable mini chicken perched on top. It’s a fun way to keep your writing tools from flying away!

Chicken Doorstopper

chicken doorstopper

Imagine a plump, crocheted chicken holding your door firmly in place. Not only functional, it’s a charming touch to any room.

Chicken Wristlet

chicken wristlet

Perfect for carrying small essentials, these feathered wristlets are both adorable and functional. Their quirky designs add a playful touch to any outfit, making you cluck with delight!

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