How to Make Crochet Pom Poms: Add Flair to Your Creations

Learn how to create crochet pom poms easily with this step-by-step guide.

Ready to add some pop-pom pizzazz to your crochet projects? You’re in the right place! This guide will help you turn that fluffy yarn stash into vibrant, bouncy pom poms using a simple cardboard template. Grab your sharpest scissors and prepare for yarn magic!

Key takeaways:

  • Use fluffy and vibrant yarn for extra flair.
  • Use sharp scissors for clean cuts.
  • Create a cardboard template for the pom pom.
  • Wrap yarn around the template for a fluffy pom pom.
  • Cut the wrapped yarn and secure with a tight knot.

Supplies Needed

supplies needed

First up, yarn. You can’t make a yarn pom pom without the star of the show. Choose something fluffy and vibrant to give your pom poms that extra zhuzh.

Next, grab a pair of sharp scissors. We’re talking ninja-level sharpness here. Those poor little dull scissors just won’t cut it—literally.

Cardboard is up next. Remember those cereal boxes you’ve been hoarding? Time to give them a payday.

A pencil is handy for tracing and keeping things round. You do want your pom pom to be beautifully spherical, right?

Last, a sturdy needle or crochet hook can help with finishing touches. Think of it as the unsung hero of your pom pom operation.

Step-by-Step Photo Tutorial

  1. Create a Cardboard Pom Pom Template: Grab some sturdy cardboard. Draw and cut two identical donut shapes. Make sure the hole in the middle isn’t too tiny unless you enjoy a tiny challenge!
  1. Wrap Yarn Around: Sandwich your cardboard donuts together. Start wrapping your yarn around the cardboard duo until it looks like a yarn donut. Pro-tip: More yarn means fluffier pom pom. Time to embrace that inner yarn hoarder!
  1. Cut The Wrapped Yarn: Slip your scissors between the cardboard layers and start snipping. Channel your inner hairdresser. Once all strands are cut, tie a piece of yarn tightly around the middle, between those cardboard layers. Knot it like your pom pom’s life depends on it.

With these steps, you are all set to unleash a cascade of delightful pom poms. Easy peasy, pom pom squeezy!

Create a Cardboard Pom Pom Template

Cut a piece of sturdy cardboard. Think cereal box, not that epic Amazon box fortress you’re hoarding.

Draw two identical circles on the cardboard, each resembling a donut—the bigger the circle, the larger the pom pom.

Cut the circles and, here’s the fun part, cut a smaller circle in the middle of each to complete the donut look.

Pair them up like long-lost twins, because they are. Ready your yarn, it’s showtime.

Wrap Yarn Around

Grab your yarn and start wrapping it around your cardboard template. The more yarn you use, the fluffier the pom pom!

Keep wrapping until you have a hefty amount of yarn on there. Think of it like a marathon, not a sprint. If your fingers start to get numb, you’ve probably gone too far. Stop and stretch.

Once it looks like a yarn donut, carefully slide your scissors between the cardboard layers. Remember, finesse is key; no one wants a frayed pom pom.

Cut carefully, making sure to keep the yarn from slipping off.

Cut The Wrapped Yarn

Carefully slide your scissors under the wrapped yarn at the edge of the cardboard template and start snipping. Precision is key, but who are we kidding? You’re now wielding scissors like a yarn ninja, ready to create your masterpiece.

Make sure to:

  • Hold the pom pom securely to avoid an unwanted yarn explosion.
  • Snip continuously around the entire circle for uniform fluffiness.
  • Breathe; your pom pom doesn’t need to be a victim of newbie craft anxiety.

Voila! You’ve successfully set your soon-to-be pom pom free from its yarny chains.

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