Jumbo Yarn: Best Practices for Beginners and Tips for Advanced Crafts

Dive into an exploration of jumbo yarn because it revolutionizes the knitting and crochet world, opening doors to beautiful and time-efficient projects.

Jumbo yarn, also known as roving or bulky yarn, is a top choice for those looking to create cozy and chic pieces swiftly. This uber-soft and fluffy yarn allows for quick projects due to its large diameter.

Using jumbo yarn, you can craft everything from blankets and scarves to rugs and sweaters – all with a unique textured finish and incredible warmth.

This article gives you an all-encompassing guide to jumbo yarn, including its characteristics, suitable projects, care instructions, and some special knitting tips to use it effectively.

Whether you’re a seasoned knitter venturing into using more substantial yarn sizes or a beginner desiring to jump into the thick of things, you’ll find valuable insights here.

So, let’s unfurl the fantastic world of jumbo yarn!

Key takeaways:

  • Jumbo yarn is thick and perfect for quick projects.
  • Use larger needles or hooks and adjust tension.
  • Different materials create different textures and warmth.
  • Jumbo yarn adds visual impact and texture to projects.
  • Jumbo yarn is great for beginners and makes bold statements.

Understanding Jumbo Yarn

understanding jumbo yarn

Jumbo yarn, also known as super bulky or roving yarn, offers a unique and exciting way to tackle yarn crafts. Mainly known for its seriously thick diameter, it can range up to an inch or more. This extra thickness allows for rapid completion of projects, from cozy blankets to oversized scarves.

Unlike conventional yarns, projects utilizing jumbo yarn often require larger needles or hooks, typically within the U.S. 17-50 range. For a more casual, handcrafted aesthetic, finger knitting and arm knitting have also become popular methods for crafting with this oversized yarn.

Comprised of various materials, such as wool, acrylic, cotton, and a mix of blends, jumbo yarn is versatile and caters to a wide range of crafting styles and project demands. Its thickness often dictates the warmth and weight of the final project, making it a go-to choice for creating inviting, warm household accessories and attire.

With its generous size, jumbo yarn delivers on visual impact and texture, bringing a contemporary edge and tactile appeal to any crafted item. Its popularity has grown, reaffirming its place as a staple in the yarn craft community despite being a relative newcomer. Working with jumbo yarn can be a delightful crafting adventure, thanks to its quick work and dramatic final results.

Defining Jumbo Yarn

defining jumbo yarn

Jumbo yarn, also known as ‘super bulky’ or ‘roving’, is the thickest classification of yarn available. Its designation comes from the Craft Yarn Council’s standard yarn weight system, where it stands as category 7, the largest of all. With an impressive stitch gauge of 6 or fewer stitches within four inches (10 cm) knitted on US size 17 (or larger) needles, it makes a grand visual impact.

This type of yarn is a top choice for fast and chunky projects due to the substantial volume and distinctive texture it offers. You can knit or crochet a large blanket or a cozy winter hat in a few hours, thanks to the unrivaled thickness of jumbo yarn.

Many crafters also appreciate jumbo yarn for its forgiving nature, making it a suitable choice for beginners. It’s much easier to track stitches and spot any potential errors due to its bulkiness. Notably, though, working with this yarn will require suitable tools, such as size 17 and above knitting needles or a P/Q size crochet hook.

Different Types of Jumbo Yarn

different types of jumbo yarn

In exploring the range of jumbo yarn available, one will encounter numerous types, each with its unique characteristics.

Wool jumbo yarn is arguably the most common, valued for its warmth, softness, and durability. It’s also a very forgiving medium for beginners.

Without a doubt, acrylic jumbo yarn is popular due to its affordability and versatility. It’s colorfast, highly resistant to moths, and often machine washable.

Cotton jumbo yarn, with its softness and breathability, finds itself center stage in summer creations, not to mention it’s hypoallergenic nature making it suitable for those with sensitive skin.

Chenille jumbo yarn, derived from the French word for caterpillar, gives a velvety touch to projects, lending a luxe finish that’s difficult to resist.

Novelty jumbo yarns can incorporate a variety of materials like metallic threads or even strips of fabric, providing an exciting twist in texture and color for one-of-a-kind projects.

Each yarn type entails its distinct pros and cons, and understanding these can make the selection process considerably simpler.

Jumbo Yarn Materials

jumbo yarn materials

Crafting with jumbo yarn becomes a tactile pleasure because of the vast assortment of materials it comes in. One popular choice is wool, known for its warmth and durability. It’s available in both natural and synthetic forms. Natural wool is praised for its durability and warmth, making it perfect for heavy blankets or cozy winter accessories.

Acrylic is another widely-used material, offering a lightweight, budget-friendly and easy-care alternative. Its resilient nature allows it to withstand wear and tear, perfect for items that need frequent washing.

Then, there’s cotton jumbo yarn, celebrated for its softness and breathability. While not as elastic as wool or acrylic, cotton is an excellent choice for projects that require a bit of structure, such as baskets or bags.

Lastly, many crafters adore using blends. These combinations can take the best features from multiple materials, like the softness of cotton paired with the glow of silk, resulting in a versatile and visually appealing product.

In essence, different yarn materials provide range allowing crafters to choose a material tailored to their project’s specific needs. Always remember that the perfect jumbo yarn is out there, ready to transform your crafting plan into a tangible work of art!

Benefits of Using Jumbo Yarn

Working with jumbo yarn offers several unique advantages.

1. Quick Completion: Larger yarn translates to faster project completion. With fewer stitches to work, you can finish a creative endeavor in significantly less time.

2. Beginner-Friendly: Because of its thickness, jumbo yarn is easy to handle, making it perfect for beginners struggling with thinner yarns. This yarn type is great for learning basic stitches as their larger size makes each stitch’s structure more noticeable.

3. Provides Warmth: Jumbo yarn crafts are warm and cozy. Due to the yarn’s thickness, the final creation, be it a blanket, scarf, or sweater, provides superior heat retention, making it ideal for seasonal projects.

4. Textural Interest: Considerably thicker than regular yarn, jumbo yarn brings a captivating element of texture to any project. Whether knitted or crocheted, the finished piece will feature a delightful tactile appeal.

5. Bold Statement: Projects crafted with jumbo yarn stand out. The oversized stitches are visually striking and lend themselves well to modern, bold designs.

By understanding these advantages, you can better incorporate jumbo yarn into your upcoming projects to have pleasing and satisfying results.

Choosing the Right Jumbo Yarn

Considering the various types and materials of jumbo yarn available, determining the right one can hinge on the specific requirements of your project.

Firstly, project type is a significant factor. Different materials shine in different uses. For instance, woolen jumbo yarn works well for warm blankets, while cotton ones can be appropriated for bulky summer tops.

The choice can also depend on your level of comfort and expertise. Some people find cotton easier to work with due to its gentle texture, while others prefer the resilience and stretch of wool.

Budget is another important constraint to always bear in mind. While luxury blends like Alpaca and Silk add a plush element to your creations, they can be more expensive compared to common materials like Acrylic and Polyester.

Lastly, washing instructions also matter– some yarns need to be hand-washed, while others can safely go in a machine. Always make sure to look at the washing instructions for a jumbo yarn before making the final choice.

Popular Jumbo Yarn Brands

When it comes to sourcing high-quality, reliable jumbo yarn, there are a few standout brands that you might consider.

Blue Sky Alpacas is appreciated for its selection of bulky alpaca and wool-blend yarns, which are both incredibly soft and easy to work with. The brand also prides itself on producing environmentally-friendly products.

German company, Zauberball, boasts an impressive variety of jumbo yarns with a focus on multi-color options. Their quality synthetic blends ensure durability in finished projects.

The UK’s King Cole is a large-scale supplier of jumbo yarns with a strong emphasis on affordable acrylic blends. Their vast color range makes them a popular choice for home decor products.

Urth Yarns, renowned for their ethically-sourced and hand-dyed yarns, provides a luxury touch to the jumbo yarn market. From the Merino-heavy Monarch to the multifaceted Koozoo, their yarns are perfect for heirloom-quality pieces.

Known for its urban look and feel, Wool and the Gang offers jumbo yarn in their Crazy Sexy Wool line. This purveyor of “fast fashion” yarns offers a selection of trendy, fashion-forward colors.

Each of these brands not only showcases diversity in material and color but also ethos — allowing you to match your choice to your specific project needs and personal preferences. Making an informed decision before your purchase will ensure best results in your finished craft piece.

Comparison: Jumbo Yarn Vs Regular Yarn

When checking out the differences, regular yarn might seem like the light infantry of the yarn world, while jumbo yarn is definitely the heavy artillery.

Their thickness is their most obvious distinction. Regular yarn is thinner and generally requires smaller knitting needles or crochet hooks, around sizes 1 to 9. On the other hand, jumbo yarn is vastly thicker, necessitating tools that are size 17 and above.

In terms of yardage, regular yarn offers significantly more; hence, it’s the go-to choice for intricate or finely detailed projects requiring precision, like lacework. Conversely, jumbo yarn, with its loftier yardage, is perfect for projects that need to be completed quickly, such as chunky scarves, blankets, or rugs.

Then there’s the weight factor. Projects using regular yarn are lightweight and suitable for garments worn close to the skin. Pieces created from jumbo yarn, though, have a hefty, substantial feel often associated with cozy, warm winter wearables or home decor items.

Remember, every yarn has its specialty and picking between regular and jumbo yarn depends on the project at hand and the desired finish.

Handling Jumbo Yarn: Tips and Tricks

To make stunning creations with jumbo yarn, it’s crucial to effectively handle and work with it. Here are some essential pointers to keep in mind:

1. Use Larger Hooks and Needles: Size matters when it comes to jumbo yarn. Using right-sized tools will help maintain an even tension, avoid unnecessary pressure on your hands, and allow the yarn to showcase its volume.

2. Adjust Your Yarn Tension: If you’re used to lighter yarns, adjusting your tension will be key. Remember, the thicker the yarn, the looser your grip should be.

3. Mind Your Stitch Type: Some stitch types work better than others with chunky yarns. Try opting for simple stitches, as intricate ones may get lost in the yarn’s bulkiness.

4. Experiment with Arm Knitting: For extremely bulky yarn, arm knitting can be a fun and efficient technique to create large-scale pieces.

Remember, it’s all about adjusting your usual knitting or crocheting habits to accommodate this larger-than-life yarn.

Ways to Store Jumbo Yarn

Keeping jumbo yarn neatly organized and away from potential damage is paramount. Here are points to consider:

  • Large Tubs and Baskets: These offer spacious accommodation for jumbo yarns. Opt for plastic, fabric or wire baskets that provide ample space and keep yarn accessible.
  • Over-The-Door Shoe Organizers: These can be an unexpected but effective solution. Each pocket can hold a skein of jumbo yarn, making selection easy and breathable.
  • Vacuum Bags: They are perfect for storing unused jumbo yarn while keeping them safe from moisture and pests.
  • Wall-Mounted Wine Racks: An unconventional yet practical storage solution. Each holder can carry a skein of yarn, turning your collection into a display.
  • Repurposed Furniture: Old dressers, bookcases, or china cabinets can easily be transformed into yarn storage. Each drawer or shelf can be designated for different colors or types.

By using these innovative methods, your jumbo yarn stays tidy, maintains its integrity, and is easily accessible for your next knitting or crocheting project. Remember to store your yarn in a cool, dry place to prevent any humidity-induced damage.

Knitting and Crocheting Projects for Jumbo Yarn

When it comes to creating sumptuous, textured, and inviting projects, jumbo yarn is a fantastic choice. The thick fibers allow for quick and satisfying results, making it an absolute favorite for both new and seasoned crafters.

Blankets and throws: The thickness of jumbo yarn works well for creating warm, chunky blankets or throws. They’re perfect for cozy nights in due to their weight and insulation properties.

Scarves and cowls: The natural volume of this type of yarn gives scarves and cowls a luxurious feel. They provide excellent warmth and are often simple to make, requiring only basic stitches.

Poufs and cushions: Jumbo yarn lends itself well to home decor items. Poufs and cushions made with chunky yarn can be made quickly and provide a lovely, textured finish.

Hats and headbands: For a cozy winter accessory, jumbo yarn is a smart choice. Hats and headbands can be whipped up in a few hours, and the thickness of the yarn provides ample warmth.

Remember, it’s possible to use jumbo yarn in almost any pattern by adjusting the number of stitches and rows. Just be aware that the end product will be larger and stretchier and always make a gauge swatch before starting the project.

How to Care for Jumbo Yarn Products

Given their larger scale, items made from jumbo yarn require special consideration when it comes to care. Maintaining the quality and preserving the size and shape of your finished products is crucial.

1. Handwashing: Always hand wash your items created from jumbo yarn. By avoiding a washing machine, you prevent potential material damage and fraying. Use cold water and a gentle detergent.

2. Drying: Pat your project dry with a towel to remove excess water, then lay it flat to air dry. It helps to maintain the item’s shape. Avoid wringing it out or hanging it to dry as it may stretch the yarn.

3. Storage: Store in a dry, clean place when not in use. Keep away from direct sunlight to prevent color fading. If storing for a long time, consider breathable storage containers that prevent dampness.

4. Repairs: Should the yarn unravel or comes loose, use a crochet hook to pull the loose end back into the item.

5. Pilling: With use, some jumbo yarns might pill (form small balls of fuzz). Use your hands or a fabric comb to gently remove these pills.

By adhering to these fundamental steps, you can ensure your jumbo yarn pieces remain as fresh and appealing as the day you finished them.

Blue Sky Alpaca BULKY

Manufactured by Blue Sky Fibers, the Alpaca Bulky line presents a luxurious choice for jumbo yarn enthusiasts. Rich, smooth, and opulent, it adds a new dimension to your craft projects. This yarn is composed of pure alpaca fiber, implying excellent warmth and softness.

The lightly spun yarn ensures that it stays significantly bulky. However, the gentleness of the spinning results in a lightweight texture. With an impressive 45 yards per skein, it offers a great return on investment for larger projects.

It’s an ideal fit for those seeking luxury, warmth, and bulk in their yarn. Make sure to hand wash your crafted items, as the yarn is too delicate for machine washing. The Alpaca Bulky line is available in a variety of colors, from neutral natural hues to vibrant shades, suiting every crafter’s taste and preference.

Monarch Chunky Organic Cotton

Being a premium choice for jumbo yarn enthusiasts, Monarch Chunky Organic Cotton is all about quality. This particular line is widely appreciated for its durability and organic nature. It’s made from 100% certified organic cotton, which is both eco-friendly and incredibly soft to the touch.

Relevant for the creation of cozy blankets, plush toys, and oversize sweaters, this yarn is comfortable against the skin and ideal for those with sensitivity issues. Additionally, the airy, voluminous characteristics of this yarn allow for robust stitches that add remarkable texture to finished projects.

Monarch Chunky Organic Cotton is available in a variety of captivating colors, ranging from subtle earth tones to vibrant hues, providing endless opportunities for artistic expression. It’s also machine washable, a convenient feature for those crafting wearable items or home decor that may require frequent cleaning.

This chunky yarn offers a balanced blend of comfort and durability, making it a fantastic choice for beginners and experts seeking an organic yarn option. Remember to consider the type of project, desired texture, and color when selecting yarn, as these factors significantly influence the final product’s appearance and feel.


MALABRIGO RASTA, a beloved choice among knitters and crocheters, is renowned for its stunning, vibrant colors. Originating from Uruguay, this jumbo yarn is made of 100% Merino wool, which contributes to its soft texture and superior warmth.

It comes in a single-ply super bulky weight making it ideal for creating chunky scarves, stylish hats, and cozy blankets swiftly. MALABRIGO RASTA’s hand-dyed shades range from rich, deep hues to lighter, more subtle tones adding universality to its appeal.

The yarn’s thickness demands size 17-19 US knitting needles or an M-13 to Q crochet hook. Despite its chunky constitution, the yarn is surprisingly light – a result of its loosely spun structure. This winning combination of comfort, color, and speed has made MALABRIGO RASTA a popular choice for many bulky yarn projects.

Note that due to its unique dyeing process, it is advisable to buy enough yarn for your project, as skeins from the same bag ensure better color matching.


A product of Uruguay, Malabrigo Mecha is a luxurious choice among jumbo yarns. This single-ply yarn is renowned for its superwash merino wool, known for its softness and durability.

Knitters and crocheters alike often choose it for its rich color variety, with hand-dyed hues ranging from deep, saturated tones to lighter, more playful shades.

The bulky weight of Mecha, paired with a recommended needle size of 10-11 U.S. or 6-8 mm, allows for speedy yet comfortable crafting. It’s perfect for projects like chunky scarves, warm hats, and cozy blankets.

When it comes to care, Mecha has the advantage of being machine washable. However, given the hand-dyed nature of the yarn, each skein is unique, and alternating skeins are recommended during projects to ensure color consistency.

Despite its bulkiness, Malabrigo Mecha’s merino wool offers breathability, making it comfortable to use in any season. With its unique features and versatility, there’s no doubt that this jumbo yarn is a game-changer for knitters and crocheters.

Urth Yarns Koozoo

Famous for its exclusivity and uniqueness, Urth Yarns Koozoo stands out among jumbo yarn options. This excellent choice is characterized by an enticing mix of tones and colors. Each skein offers a captivating blend of hues that are rarely found in yarn, creating visually stunning crafts.

The uniqueness of Koozoo lies in its composition. It’s spun from 100% extra fine merino wool, known for its softness and warmth. The bulky chunkiness makes it a suitable option for quick knitting projects.

Koozoo yarn holds a notable characteristic among Urth Yarns’ selections – it’s hand dyed. The resulting variegated color schemes generate one-of-a-kind patterns and depths in finished projects. This feature gives your knitted or crocheted items a distinctive and personalized touch.

Ideal for everything, from stylish hats to hefty blankets, Koozoo ensures high-quality end-products. It’s worth mentioning that this yarn requires careful handling due to its delicate characteristics. The yarn’s thickness requires large needles or hooks (size range of 17-19 is recommended).

Finally, taking care of Koozoo creations involves gentle washing and laying flat to dry, preserving the integrity and beauty of the crafts.

Bagsmith Merino Bumps

One standout in the jumbo yarn market is Bagsmith Merino Bumps. These super-sized bundles of joy are sourced directly from the Andean highlands in South America, where merino sheep produce some of the world’s softest, most touchable wool. Their immense scale – each bump contains about 125 yards of yarn – makes for an exciting challenge for experienced crocheters and knitters.

Despite their hefty size, these Merino Bumps are surprisingly light and airy. This is thanks to the unspun merino roving technique used in creating them, which leaves the wool fibers loose and full of warmth-trapping air pockets. This feature combined with the natural temperature-regulating properties of merino wool makes them perfect for creating cozy blankets and throws.

Another significant feature of Bagsmith Merino Bumps is the exquisite array of color choices, ranging from vibrant jewel tones to soft neutrals. This allows crafters to experiment with visual texture and color in bold, oversized projects. The use of natural dyes ensures the color remains bright and fade-resistant.

Caring for these Merino Bumps is straightforward as well. Hand washing and drying flat will keep your finished projects looking as gorgeous as the day you completed them, thanks to merino wool’s inherent ability to resist dirt and odors.


With an extraordinary blend of merino wool and nylon, ZEN YARN GARDEN SUPERFINE BULKY stands out for its softness and strength.

It’s perfect for projects requiring durability without forfeiting comfort, thanks to its squishy texture.

This yarn’s superb stitch definition ensures your complex patterns pop, whether you’re crafting a cozy sweater or a timeless blanket.

It’s available in a wealth of hand-dyed colors, offering a unique palette for every project.

Furthermore, it’s easy to care for – a simple machine wash on a gentle cycle will keep your finished pieces looking fresh and vibrant.

Each skein offers approximately 55 yards, providing ample length for small to medium-sized projects.

Keep in mind, this luxury yarn calls for larger needles, size US 11-17, to achieve ideal results.

Wool & the Gang Crazy Sexy Wool

Defined as a super bulky wool, Wool & the Gang’s Crazy Sexy Wool lends itself well to the creation of large-scale projects due to its jumbo size. Possessing a weight category of 6, it is composed of 100% Peruvian wool, resulting in a smooth and soft texture. This yarn’s notable thickness allows for swift completion of projects, making it an ideal choice for those eager to see their creations take shape quickly.

This product garners attention not only for its size but also for the extensive range of color options it provides, from vibrant hues to subtle neutrals. What makes it truly stand out, however, is its commitment to sustainability. Each skein is ethically sourced from happy Peruvian sheep, reflecting the brand’s dedication to environmentally responsible practices.

When working with Crazy Sexy Wool, large needles or crochet hooks – generally of sizes 10mm to 25mm – are recommended for optimal results. The care instructions are quite straightforward: handwash gently in lukewarm water and lay flat to dry. This will ensure that your creations retain their shape and quality for a long time.


What size is jumbo yarn?

Jumbo yarn is classified as a 7 weight, and is used for big stitch projects or for arm knit or crochet due to its extreme thickness.

What is the largest size yarn?

The largest size yarn, according to the standard yarn weight system, is size 7.

How many skeins of jumbo yarn do I need for a blanket?

The number of jumbo yarn skeins needed to make a blanket varies depending on the size, ranging from 2-3 skeins for a baby blanket, 3-4 for a lap blanket, to 7-8 skeins for a throw blanket.

What do you use jumbo yarn for?

Jumbo yarn is predominantly used for creating large stitch projects such as throws, blankets, pillows, scarves, cowls, accent pieces, and more in knitting, crocheting, arm knitting, and finger crochet.

What types of knitting needles are best for jumbo yarn?

For jumbo yarn, large, sturdy knitting needles such as US sizes 15 to 50 are optimal as they accommodate the thickness of the yarn and facilitate easy stitching.

Can you crochet with jumbo yarn and what types of projects can you make?

Yes, you can crochet with jumbo yarn and can create various projects such as blankets, scarves, hats, and pillows.

How much jumbo yarn is needed for a scarf?

To create a standard-sized scarf, approximately 300-400 yards of jumbo yarn is usually required.

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