Premier Parfait Yarn: Comprehensive Guide to Choosing and Using

Dive into the world of Premier Parfait Yarn because its luxurious texture and wide color palette could enhance your knitting or crocheting projects.

Premier Parfait Yarn: an ultra-soft, velvety chenille yarn that is ideal for creating charming, comfortable items.

As a bulky-weight material, Parfait is perfect for crafting plush blankets, cuddly baby items, cozy hats, and scarves.

Its composition, 100% polyester, ensures durability and provides a lint-free work experience, preventing any irritating fuzz or dust.

Continue reading to gain in-depth insights regarding its availability in solid and multicolor options, tips for care instructions, and some inspiration for project ideas.

We’ll also guide you about the best suitable crochet hook or knitting needle sizes to yield best results with Premier Parfait Yarn.

Key takeaways:

  • Parfait Yarn: Soft and cozy for blankets, baby items, hats, and scarves.
  • Durable and lint-free: Made of 100% polyester, it’s easy to care for.
  • Versatile: Available in solid and multicolor options, suitable for various projects.
  • Size and care: Bulky weight, recommended needle and hook sizes, machine washable.
  • Color selection: Consider palette, function, psychology, and explore combinations.

Premier Parfait® Yarn Description

premier parfait® yarn description

Premier Parfait® Yarn is a fantastic choice for soft yet durable projects, making it a favorite among crafters. It’s a bulky, 100% polyester chenille yarn, offering a plush and cozy feel. Its velvety texture makes it easy to work with while giving your work a luxurious finish.

From hats to baby blankets, anything created with this yarn ensures a product that is not only comfortable but also stylish, giving your crafts a unique and premium appearance. Being machine washable, it remains practical for regular use, maintaining texture and color.

Distinct in its thick strands yet lightweight nature, this yarn achieves a balance that provides adequate warmth without feeling overbearing. It’s excellent for creating various kinds of crafts, from large to small scale projects.

The diverse range of vibrant shades and versatile texture makes it ideal for knitters and crocheters keen on exploring different dimensions of creativity in their projects.

Features and Characteristics

features and characteristics

This quality yarn is indeed a top consideration due to its rich and distinct characteristics. Lending to its popularity, it has an incredibly soft, plush texture. Made of 100% polyester, it ensures durability, making it suitable for crafting heirlooms or keepsakes that last a lifetime.

Its classification as a 5-Bulky weight yarn allows for quicker completion of projects without compromising intricacy. It has a Recommended Knit Needle Size of US 9 (5.5mm) and a Recommended Crochet Hook Size of K-10.5 (6.5mm).

One can’t also ignore its care instructions – being machine washable and dryable makes it an easy-clean material. Available in a versatile range of solid colors as well as multi-color mixes, it allows great flexibility in creativity and design.

Importantly, its hypoallergenic property, free from any allergenic fibers, provides comfort to the skin, making it perfect for baby items such as blankets, clothes, or soft toys. It’s also safe for use in crafting pet toys or beds.

Lastly, it comes in generous skein sizes, with regular Parfait boasting 192 yards per 100 grams, Parfait Chunky at 156 yards per 100 grams, and Parfait Layers offering 240 yards. Each variation provides ample material to execute craft projects, small or large-scale.

Usage and Applicability

usage and applicability

Praised for its extraordinary softness and ‘chinion’s’ bulky weight, this yarn offers quick results and usability across versatile crafting projects. The plush nature makes it ideal for home décor items, clothing, blankets, or even toys.

Crafting garments becomes a comfortable experience for both adults and children due to the material’s comforting feel on the skin. The no-dye-lot feature ensures consistent color throughout your project. For those nurturing an eco-friendly approach, its Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification verifies its safety, making it a reliable choice for sensitive skin or baby projects.

Furthermore, due to its generous length, it is also an excellent selection for larger projects where significant yardage is required. Created to run smoothly on the hook or needle, it provides a satisfying crafting experience, regardless of your expertise level.

Remember, its weight and soft nature make it less suitable for intricate stitches or patterns. However, its smooth texture provides it with an upscale appearance, even with simpler stitches. Enjoy exploring your creativity with this accessible and versatile yarn.

Maintaining Premier Parfait Yarn Quality

maintaining premier parfait yarn quality

Taking care of this yarn is relatively simple. Unlike other variants, it is machine washable and dryable. It’s essential, however, to adhere to specific rules to maintain its quality and softness over time.

Firstly, utilize cold water during the wash cycle. High temperatures may damage the fibers, compromising its texture.

Secondly, avoid the use of bleaching agents. These can significantly fade its vibrant colours. For drying, the best setting on your machine is low heat. Intense heat may cause shrinkage, affecting the sizing of your knitted or crocheted garments.

Lastly, if there’s a need to iron, ensure it’s a light iron. It’s recommended to use a pressing cloth between the iron and the yarn to avoid direct contact with heat. Following these tips will help keep your Premier Parfait yarns looking new and feeling soft, so your crafted creations maintain their beauty for years.

Guide to Selecting Premier Parfait Yarn Colors

Whether you’re working on a cozy afghan or a playful Amigurumi flamingo, color selection is key. Here are few pointers to consider when choosing colors for your craft:

1. Consider Your Palette: Premier Parfait offers a wide array of color options. This expansive collection allows you to create a customized color scheme that perfectly suits your project.

2. Think About Function: If you’re creating a baby blanket, softer colors might be most appropriate. Items for home decor might demand bolder shades.

3. Factor in Color Psychology: The impact of colors on our mood and emotion is undeniable. Greens can evoke a sense of peace, while blues can cool and soothe. Reds, however, can energize and excite. Decide what mood you want your item to set and select colors accordingly.

4. Explore Combinations: Don’t be afraid to experiment with contrasting colors. Premier Parfait’s palette includes a great mix of neutrals and vivid hues that can be combined artistically.

5. Test Your Choices: It’s often wise to buy a small quantity of your selected colors and swatch them together before buying in bulk. This way, you can avoid any color disparity in your project.

Premier Parfait® Chunky Differences

Offering an impressive thickness, this particular version of Premier’s offering stands out with its bulkier weight. With a skein weight of 8.8 oz (250 g), it highlights the richness and depth of your knitting or crocheting projects.

These qualities make it specifically suitable for creating warmer, cozier items such as blankets, scarves, and sweaters. The chunky fibers lend a beautiful texture and weight to the finished product, fulfilling particular crafting needs precisely.

The yarn is still as plush and soft as its lighter counterparts, ensuring comfort and ease of use. Quick to work with, it’s appreciated by crafters who enjoy seeing their projects come together rapidly. Premier Parfait® Chunky retains the machine wash and dry feature, allowing for easy care and maintenance of your crafted items. Its vibrant color range adds to its appeal, offering craft enthusiasts limitless possibilities for bringing their ideas to life.

Premier Parfait® XL Variations

Continuing along the vast spectrum offered by Premier, we find the Premier Parfait® XL. Conveniently designed with a thicker size, this variation caters to projects requiring a fuller body or those desiring a faster completion time due to its bulkier nature. Its chenille finish remains consistent ensuring projects retain a supple, plush feel.

This rendition comes in a variety of hues, from monochromes to lively blends, granting creative freedom to artists. Further extending its versatility, it works seamlessly with a range of crochet hooks and knitting needle sizes. Should you lean towards projects like fluffy blankets or plush toys, the extra loft provided by the Premier Parfait® XL might be your ideal choice.

It’s essential to care for this variety as with any other Premier Yarn products. Use a delicate washing cycle and tumble dry low to maintain its softness and integrity. Moreover, as this is a larger, chunkier version, remember to consider your pattern and project needs carefully. Aim for a needle and hook size suited for a bulkier yarn to yield the best possible results.

The marriage between comfort and versatility makes Premier Parfait® XL a delightful addition to your yarn collection. When used right, it can ensure that your projects maintain a comfy and cozy feel without compromising on time efficiency or aesthetics.

The Unique Elements of Premier Parfait® XL Sprinkles

Premier Parfait® XL Sprinkles feature a distinctive element that sets them apart from their counterparts – the charming sprinkles of color amidst the solid chunky yarn. These accents of color are incorporated into the yarn’s production, giving a unique visual appeal to the projects made with it.

This yarn, part of the family of chenille-style yarns, is viewed as extra plush and soft, perfect for creating cozy blankets, toys, and accessories.

A few points to consider when working with XL Sprinkles include:

  • 1. The color specks add a unique aesthetic to any design. This addition brings variety to your pieces without needing to switch yarn.
  • 2. When working with projects that require a smooth finish, bear in mind the specks create a textured effect.
  • 3. Choose complementary colors for your projects. The dashed colors in XL Sprinkles can influence the overall color scheme.
  • 4. Similar to Parfait XL, XL Sprinkles are a bulky weight yarn. This characteristic means they work up quickly, making them perfect for time-sensitive projects.
  • 5. XL Sprinkles is machine wash-and-dryable, ensuring easy care for your finished crafts.

Working with Premier Parfait® XL Sprinkles adds an element of creativity to projects with its fun, colorful specks, full-bodied texture, and chunky weight.

Review of Premier Yarns Programs

Premier Yarns offers a broad range of programs prioritizing design creativity and yarn quality. Their central program is the pattern program, available on their website. This program features thousands of patterns ranging from beginner to advanced levels. Most patterns are free, aiding both novices and experienced crafters in their quest for unique designs.

Their yarn adoption program deserves mention as well. It encourages craft enthusiasts to adopt yarns they might not normally consider. Through this program, new yarn products are sampled and adopted, giving crafters a versatile range of choices for their projects.

Another noteworthy service is the Premier Yarns’ learning center. Through video tutorials and downloadable PDFs, crafters can access an array of educational resources. This includes ‘how-to’ guides, tutorials, and tips for using Premier Yarns’ products most effectively.

In summary, Premier Yarns’ programs help aspiring and proficient crafters to confidently navigate through knitting and crocheting, offering a variety of informative resources and product selections.

Premier Parfait Yarn Pattern Examples

Diving into some pattern examples can give a clear idea of the versatility and adaptability this yarn has in creating various designs. The Amigurumi Flamingo Pattern involves delicate detailing where the plush texture of Premier Parfait® provides an ideal finish.

With the Rainbow Log Cabin Throw, vivid colors from the yarn collection come together beautifully, showcasing its color fastness and stitch definition.

A fun pattern for younger recipients is the Candy Corn Buddy – a playful, seasonal pattern that beautifully captures the brightness and loftiness of the yarn. Those pursuing throws can benefit from the Crossed Clusters Throw Pattern. The texture gives the throw an inviting touche, making it perfect for cozy cuddles or for home decor.

Lastly, the Little Bow Blanket uses Premier Parfait® Yarn to its full plush potential. The softness of the yarn yield a comforting feel, while the pattern itself, involving tiny bows, adds a charming visual appeal. In each of these patterns, the yarn plays a pivotal role in shaping the final look, feel, and usability of the product.

The Amigurumi Flamingo Pattern

This enchanting project creates a mini version of a flamingo using an Amigurumi crochet technique. The round shapes and subtle colors of Premier Parfait® Yarn are excellent for this purpose.

Here are the required materials:

  • Main Color: Premier Parfait® Yarn, approx. 87 yards
  • Contrast Color: Premier Parfait® Yarn, approx. 5 yards
  • Stuffing of choice

Follow these tips for the technique:

  1. Start working in continuous rounds.
  2. You can use safety eyes to give your flamingo its warm expression.
  3. As for the body, start through the magic ring or adjustable ring technique.
  4. Fluff up the yarn to achieve the soft, feathery texture.

Remember, tension is an important factor here. Make sure not to crochet too tightly or too loosely- it just needs to be tight enough to hold the stuffing. Keep checking your gauge as variation in size might affect the final output. Finally, remember to stuff the body evenly. The finished piece will be durable and the perfect size for a loving cuddle.

Rainbow Log Cabin Throw Design

The Rainbow Log Cabin Throw, created uniquely using Premier Parfait® Yarn, is a burst of vibrant colors giving a strikingly beautiful output.

Emulating the traditional Log Cabin quilt pattern, this crochet design requires the use of various colors, making it an excellent project to explore the rich color range of Premier Parfait Yarn.

The pattern begins with a small square in the center, steadily expanding pixel by pixel as you add new colors on each round.

The diversity and smooth transition of shades result in a pleasing rainbow gradient.

Not to forget, the soft and plush Premier Parfait Yarn makes the throw cozy and warm.

The yarn, being chenille-type, is thick yet light and provides an appealing texture to the throw.

It’s crucial to maintain even tension while working on this pattern, as loose or tight stitches could affect the throw’s neat square shape.

The design might seem complex, but it’s vital to understand that it’s a repetition of the basic crochet stitch, just in different colors.

Remember to have fun while switching colors, relax, and enjoy the rhythmic process of crocheting the Rainbow Log Cabin Throw.

Designing a Candy Corn Buddy With Premier Parfait Yarn

To craft your Candy Corn Buddy, you’ll need Premier Parfait in three shades: white, orange, and yellow. Choose a safety eye of the right size for the cute factor.

Start with the white yarn at the top, progressing to orange and finishing with yellow at the bottom. Follow your pattern’s specific row count and stitches for each color.

Use simple stitches, primarily single crochet with a few increases and decreases. Understanding amigurumi construction can be helpful because Candy Corn Buddy is worked in the round, a common method in amigurumi.

Once you’ve finished each of the body pieces, stitch them together with a yarn needle. Don’t forget to stuff your buddy with poly-fil before you completely close up the body.

The texture of the Parfait yarn adds to the charm of the final result; its softness makes it perfect for squishing and the plush nature of the yarn brings a comforting feel to the end product.

Overall, this project is ideal for intermediate crafters looking to expand their skills. With the right tools, Premier Parfait yarn, and a bit of patience, it is a delightful project to accomplish.

Crossed Clusters Throw Pattern

This particular pattern emerges beautifully with the use of Premier Parfait® yarn due to its texture and thickness. The crossed clusters pattern can be easily achieved by alternating front-post and back-post double crochet stitches. By crossing these stitches over each other, a textured, three-dimension cluster is created.

Here’s a simplified guide:

  • Start by chaining a length proportional to your intended throw size. Keep the count in multiples of six for a seamless pattern.
  • The first row consists of a sequence of chain 1, then two double crochet stitches in the same spot, skip 2, double crochet, skip 2, and then three double crochets.
  • Repeat this sequence until the end of the row.
  • In the second row, your pattern will be two crossed double crochet stitches, chain 3, and then single crochet.
  • This pattern repeats across the row, creating the crossed cluster effect.

Remember, the beauty of this pattern lies in firm but consistent tension. Getting the crossed cluster right might take some practice, but once mastered, it provides a lovely textured shell-like effect, especially eye-catching with the plush Premier Parfait® yarn.

Little Bow Blanket Pattern With Premier Parfait Yarn

Creating the Little Bow Blanket requires the soft chenille texture of Premier Parfait Yarn, suitable for any baby’s sensitive skin. To begin, you’ll need six balls of the yarn in your preferred color. The pattern follows a simple repeating design, making it a suitable project for beginners.

In this pattern, a series of chic bows is created, contributing to a playful yet elegant appearance. The bows are added by using contrasting yarn strands, enhancing the blanket’s visual appeal. They are attached by stitching them directly onto the blanket following the crochet process, resulting in a secure and neat setting.

Using a crochet hook of size K-10.5 (6.5mm), you’ll follow a guage of 12 stitches and 15 rows, creating a 4×4″ square. The completed blanket will measure about 36 inches wide and 40 inches long, making it the perfect snuggle size for the little ones. An important aspect to remember while crafting this blanket is to always maintain consistent tension throughout, to achieve the desired size and maintaining the softness of the yarn.

Finally, proper care should be taken while machine washing in order to maintain the blanket’s texture and color, turn it inside out and use a gentle cycle with cold water. Being familiar with these points will ensure a gorgeous, durable, and comfortable Little Bow Blanket.

Customers Reviews and Feedback

Many users often speak highly of the softness and plush texture of Premier Parfait Yarn. It’s a favorite for creating cozy blankets, baby clothes, and stuffed toys due to its chenille-style texture.

A common sentiment centers on the array of vibrant and pastel shades that it offers. There’s an availability of diverse colors catering to different project requirements.

The yarn’s weight consistency is a notable positive aspect. It’s celebrated for its uniform thickness, ensuring a smooth crocheting or knitting experience.

However, some feedback points toward occasional difficulty in working with it due to the plush fiber structure. It could prove slightly tricky for beginners, although with some practice, the ease improves.

In terms of care, the fact that it’s machine washable and dryable has been well-appreciated. Longevity and maintenance of projects crafted with this yarn are enhanced due to this feature.

Another critical point is the yarn’s hypoallergenic property, often highlighted by users. This quality makes it suitable for most users, even those with sensitive skin.

Finally, users praise the versatility of Premier Parfait Yarn. It’s adaptable for a variety of projects, both for crocheting and knitting, contributing to the overall positive reviews.

Potential Issues and Solutions With Premier Parfait Yarn

Despite its many fantastic features, one can occasionally run into hiccups while working with Premier Parfait Yarn. Let’s explore some common obstacles and how best to overcome them.

1. Difficulty in seeing stitches: The plush nature of the yarn can sometimes make it tricky to see stitches. To combat this, use a larger hook or needles. This allows each stitch to be more prominent and less likely to become lost in the yarn’s texture.

2. Slight shedding: Initially, you might notice small fluffs of sheds from the yarn. This is particularly common with any chenille yarn. Washing the finished product using a gentle cycle in a laundry bag is often a helpful solution.

3. Breakages: If not carefully handled, one might experience some breakages. It’s helpful to maintain an even tension while working, avoiding tugs or pulls that could break the yarn.

4. Limited stitch options: Some complex stitches may not be an option with this yarn due to its fluffy nature. However, simple stitches show up beautifully, creating a lustred full-bodied look.

Remember, understanding the unique traits and potential challenges of your yarn can significantly enhance your craft’s quality and enjoyment. It’s about making the yarn work for you and your project.

Frida Headband Crochet Pattern Download With Premier Parfait® Yarn

Those seeking a striking yet warm accessory should explore the Frida Headband Crochet Pattern. Using just one skein of Premier Parfait® Yarn, this project comes to life with the product’s unique soft chenille texture.

When working this pattern, the focus is on the puff stitches which add an intricate detail and volume to the headwrap. Although the raised stitches may get lost in some yarn types, the smooth finish of Premier Parfait® enhances their visibility.

Additional details such as button fastening add a practical yet aesthetic touch. Crafting it isn’t time-consuming and it’s an ideal project to hone crochet skills – the pattern falls under intermediate difficulty, meaning beginners looking for a challenge can tackle it.

Remember, considering the yarn color is important for this accessory. The range of vibrant shades of Premier Parfait® Yarn can help customize this headband to match various winter attires.

Note that tension holds a crucial role in sizing. The pattern includes instructions to adjust size, so even those new to crochet can ensure a perfect fit.


Can you wash Premier Parfait yarn?

Yes, Premier Parfait yarn is machine washable.

Is premier yarn safe?

Premier yarn is safe to use as it meets the highest standards for contact with sensitive skin, including babies and small children.

Where is Premier Yarns from?

Premier Yarns is a North American-based company that uses Fistas mill in Turkey for production.

What is Parfait Chunky?

Parfait Chunky is a super bulky, 100% polyester chenille yarn known for its incredible softness and machine washability, ideal for both knitting and crocheting projects loved by children.

What are the recommended crochet techniques for Premier Parfait yarn?

The recommended crochet techniques for Premier Parfait yarn include single crochet, double crochet and treble crochet due to its chunky thickness and soft texture.

How does Premier Parfait yarn compare with other brands in terms of softness and durability?

Premier Parfait yarn is recognized for its high level of softness and average durability, surpassing many brands in terms of plushness but trailing some in longevity.

Can you mix Premier Parfait yarn with other types of yarn in a project?

Yes, Premier Parfait yarn can be mixed with other types of yarn in a project, provided they have compatible weight and care instructions.

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