15 Ideas: What to Wear Under Crochet Top

Looking for creative ways to style your crochet top?

Key takeaways:

  • Bralette: Stylish and comfortable option that complements crochet tops.
  • Lace Camisole: Adds elegance and coverage to crochet tops.
  • Bodysuit: Provides full coverage and eliminates the need for tucking.
  • Tube Top: Gives coverage without hiding crochet patterns.
  • Fitted T-shirt: Creates a smooth layer for a streamlined look.



A bralette adds a stylish and comfortable underlayer that perfectly complements the open weave of a crochet top.


A bandeau offers a sleek, strap-free way to keep things simple and stylish.

Lace Camisole

A lace camisole adds a touch of elegance and provides decent coverage under your crochet top.

Basic Tank Top

Opt for a basic tank top to keep things simple and comfy while providing ample coverage.


Provides full coverage and eliminates the need to tuck anything in.

Tube Top

Perfect for providing coverage without stealing the spotlight from intricate crochet patterns.

Sports Bra

Opt for a sporty-chic vibe with a patterned sports bra that offers support and style.

Satin Slip

A satin slip provides a smooth, luxurious layer that adds elegance and coverage under your crochet top.

Nude Slip

It provides seamless coverage while letting the crochet design shine.

Fitted T-shirt

A fitted T-shirt provides a smooth, non-lumpy layer under your crochet top for a streamlined look.

Strapless Bra

Perfect for avoiding visible straps while keeping things classy.

Crop Top

Adds a trendy, layered look while keeping everything stylishly covered.

Longline Bra

This piece offers extra coverage and support, perfect for that slightly more revealing crochet top.

High-neck Halter

A high-neck halter adds an elegant touch and covers up perfectly, keeping the focus on the intricate crochet.

Fitted Mesh Top

A fitted mesh top adds a peek of texture while keeping things stylishly modest.

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