15 Crochet Duck Ideas

Looking to add some charming crochet duck ideas to your crafting repertoire?

Duckling Keychains

duckling keychains

Adorable mini ducklings that can dangle from your keys or backpack, adding a touch of whimsy to your everyday essentials.

Mother Duck and Ducklings Mobile

mother duck and ducklings mobile

A charming mobile that gently spins, showcasing a felted or crocheted mother duck and her tiny ducklings, perfect for nurseries.

Duck Amigurumi Dolls

duck amigurumi dolls

Soft, squishy, and brimming with personality, these adorable crocheted duck dolls are perfect for a delightful, huggable companion.

Duck Egg Cosies

duck egg cosies

Keep your boiled eggs warm and stylish with these adorable, cozy duck-themed covers.

Duck-Themed Baby Booties

duck themed baby booties

Perfect for tiny feet, these adorable booties feature little webbed duck feet and quackingly cute details.

Duck Headband With Beak

duck headband with beak

Perfect for costume parties or everyday quack-tastic fun, this playful accessory transforms any regular day into a duck-themed delight.

Bath Toy Ducks

bath toy ducks

A set of squishy, waterproof crochet creations that make bath time quacking fun for kids.

Duck Pillow Covers

duck pillow covers

Add a cute, quacky touch to your living room with bright, crocheted duck designs on cozy pillow covers.

Duck Plant Pot Holders

duck plant pot holders

Add whimsical charm to your garden with crocheted duck covers for your plant pots.

Duck Coaster Set

duck coaster set

These adorable coasters will not only protect your surfaces but also quack up your guests!

Duck Blanket Squares

duck blanket squares

Incorporate adorable little ducks into your blanket squares for a cozy and charming quilt perfect for any duck lover.

Duck Tissue Box Cover

duck tissue box cover

It transforms a mundane tissue box into a charming, quacking piece of decor that brightens up any room.

Duck Bookmarks

duck bookmarks

Perfect for keeping your place in your favorite novel, crochet duck bookmarks add a delightful splash of whimsy to your reading adventures.

Duck Appliques for Hats

duck appliques for hats

Add a touch of whimsy to everyday hats with adorable duck designs that are sure to quack up everyone.

Decorative Duck Wall Hanging

decorative duck wall hanging

Brighten up your space with an adorable 3D crochet focal point featuring smiling feathered friends.

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