15 Bewitching Crochet Ghost Pattern Ideas

Learn a variety of crochet ghost patterns perfect for adding a spooky yet adorable touch to your Halloween decor.

Ghosts and crochet—two things that spook and spark joy simultaneously! We all know the classic patterns floating around the web, but let’s not be boring mummies, shall we?

I’ve gathered some delightfully unexpected crochet ghost ideas that’ll haunt your crafting dreams in the best way. Ready to be bewitched by fresh and fun ghostly creations?

Glow-in-the-dark Ghost

glow in the dark ghost

This eerie little critter illuminates eerily when the lights go out, adding a spine-chilling glow to any room. Perfect as a spooky nightlight or as adorable Halloween décor that screams fun!

Ghost Family Trio

ghost family trio

This set includes three different-sized ghosts representing parents and a baby, perfect for adding a spooky yet heartwarming touch. Each ghost has its own unique facial expression to bring the whole family to life—or the afterlife!

Victorian Ghost Lady

victorian ghost lady

Haunt your home with class by creating an ethereal Victorian lady with intricate lace details and a flowing gown. Perfect for adding a touch of ghostly elegance to your seasonal decor.

Miniature Hanging Ghosts

miniature hanging ghosts

Perfect for spooky décor, these tiny spectral figures dangle delightfully from windows, shelves, and doorknobs. They’re lightweight and whimsical, adding a playful ghostly charm to any Halloween setup.

Ghost Keychain

ghost keychain

This tiny specter adds a spooky charm to your keyring, ensuring your essentials are always eerily easy to find. Perfect for those who want a subtle yet ghostly touch during the Halloween season or year-round.

Ghost Garland

ghost garland

Create a spooky chain of adorable specters to drape over your mantel or across the doorway. This project adds a playful, haunting touch to your Halloween decor.

Pocket-sized Ghost

pocket sized ghost

Perfect for a little spooky charm on the go, these tiny spectral beings can be tucked into pockets, backpacks, or even handed out as ghostly party favors. Their petite size makes them an adorable, quick project with loads of personality!

Emoji-inspired Ghost

emoji inspired ghost

Imagine a cute little ghost with that unmistakable wide-eyed emoji expression. Perfect for adding a bit of playful spookiness to your keychain or as a delightful charm on your bag.

Ghost Pillow Cover

ghost pillow cover

Add spooky charm to your living space with a crochet design perfect for seasonal decor. Perfect for cozying up with a fun twist during movie marathons or ghost stories.

Layered Skirt Ghost

layered skirt ghost

Think of this ghost as a ghostly ballerina with multiple layers of tulle-like yarn creating a voluminous, ethereal effect. Perfect for adding a touch of spooky elegance to your Halloween decor.

Ghost With a Witch Hat

ghost with a witch hat

This charming specter sports a jaunty witch hat, adding an extra dash of Halloween spirit. Perfect as a festive decoration or a playful toy for kids.

Snoozing Baby Ghost

snoozing baby ghost

This ghost catches Z’s, complete with a tiny sleep cap and snuggled in a miniature blanket. Perfect for Halloween bedtime stories or as a spooky-yet-adorable shelf decoration.

Button-eyed Ghost

button eyed ghost

Button eyes add an adorable, whimsical touch to traditional ghost patterns, giving them a playful personality. These little specters are perfect for spooky décor or as unique handmade gifts.

Ghost Bookmarks

ghost bookmarks

Ghastly yet adorable, these spectral page-keepers will ensure you never lose your place in your spooky reads. Perfect for slipping into a ghostly novel or your favorite horror anthology.

Ghost With Bat Wings

ghost with bat wings

This eerie apparition sports a pair of crochet bat wings, ready to take flight into the night. Perfect for adding a spooky twist to your Halloween décor or as a playful addition to a haunted house display.

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