15 Crochet Heart Pattern Ideas You’ll Love

Discover fun and adorable crochet heart pattern ideas to add a touch of love to your projects!

Crocheting hearts is delightful, but let’s face it—been there, done that, right? Fear not, my yarn-enthusiast friend, for I’ve brought my creativity hat.

This isn’t just another mushy list of heart patterns. We’re embarking on a whimsical journey to uncover fresh, quirky heart designs.

Grab your hooks—chances are, you’re about to fall in craft love all over again! Ready to shake things up? Let’s dive in!

Lacy Filigree Heart

lacy filigree heart

This delicate and airy pattern creates a heart that looks almost like it’s made of lace. Perfect for adding a touch of romance to any project.

Puffy Amigurumi Heart

puffy amigurumi heart

These adorable, plush hearts are perfect for squeezing and make charming gifts or keepsakes. With their puffy texture, they add a touch of whimsy to any crochet collection.

Openwork Granny Square Heart

openwork granny square heart

This crochet gem combines the beloved granny square technique with a heart motif, creating a charming blend of traditional and romantic. Use it as a standalone piece or join multiple squares for a larger project like a blanket or shawl.

Heart-Shaped Coaster Set

heart shaped coaster set

Protect your coffee table with a set of adorable, heart-shaped coasters that add a touch of love to any drink. These little hearts are both functional and decorative, making them perfect for everyday use or festive gatherings.

Mini Heart Garland

mini heart garland

Perfect for Valentine’s Day décor or any love-themed celebration, these tiny hearts string together to create a charming garland. Hang them across mantels, windows, or doorways to spread a dash of whimsy and warmth.

Mosaic Heart Pillow

mosaic heart pillow

Mixing various yarn colors and textures, this pillow features a beautiful heart pattern that adds a cozy, yet sophisticated touch to any room. Perfect for Valentine’s Day or everyday chic.

Interlocking Heart Doily

interlocking heart doily

Perfect for a romantic table setting, this delicate doily features intertwined hearts that create a charming, lace-like effect. Use soft pastel yarn to give it a vintage feel, or bright reds and pinks for a pop of color.

Festive Heart Ornament

festive heart ornament

Perfect for hanging on a Christmas tree or as a Valentine’s Day decoration, this crocheted heart brings festive cheer. Adorn it with beads or glitter for an extra touch of sparkle!

Heart-Shaped Hot Pad

heart shaped hot pad

Perfect for handling hot dishes, this heart-shaped creation adds both function and charm to your kitchen. Bright, cheerful yarns make it a joy to see and use.

Striped Colorful Heart

striped colorful heart

This vibrant heart design uses multiple yarn colors to create playful stripes, adding a cheerful pop to any project. Perfect as standalone decor or incorporated into larger pieces, it brings a touch of whimsy and joy.

Sequined Heart Applique

sequined heart applique

Add some sparkle to your projects with a heart that glitters and gleams. Ideal for jazzing up outfits, bags, or even greeting cards.

Heart-Shaped Keychain

heart shaped keychain

Add some charm to your keyring with a crochet heart dangling elegantly. This quick project makes for a delightful gift or a small token of affection.

Pocket-Hug Heart

pocket hug heart

This small, crochet heart fits perfectly in a pocket and serves as a comforting token. Perfect for gifting, it provides warmth and love on-the-go.

Heart Bookmark

heart bookmark

Mark your pages with a delicate, heart-shaped crochet bookmark that adds a touch of love to your reading time. Perfect for gift-giving or keeping your place in your favorite romance novel.

Patchwork Heart Block

patchwork heart block

Patch together different crochet swatches for a delightfully scrappy heart that adds character to any blanket or quilt. It’s a fun way to use up those pesky yarn scraps while creating a unique and charming piece.

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