15 Crochet Scalloped Edging Pattern Ideas

Discover a variety of crochet scalloped edging patterns to add a charming flourish to your crafting projects.

Picot Scallop Edging

picot scallop edging

For the Picot Scallop Edging, think dainty loops reminiscent of tiny bobbles, adding a touch of elegance to your project’s border.

Shell Stitch Border

shell stitch border

The Shell Stitch Border adds a lovely textured finish to your crochet project, resembling a row of delicate shells. Each shell stitch creates a scalloped edge that enhances blankets, shawls, or garments with a charming touch.

Bobble Lace Trim

bobble lace trim

The Bobble Lace Trim adds a textured border to your crochet project design, creating a playful and eye-catching finish.

Victorian Lace Scallops

victorian lace scallops

Victorian Lace Scallops offer a timeless and elegant touch to your crochet projects, reminiscent of intricate lace patterns from the past. Elevate the look of your edges with these delicate and sophisticated scallops, adding a touch of vintage charm to your creations.

Pineapple Fringe Edge

pineapple fringe edge

The Pineapple Fringe Edge adds a tropical touch to your crochet projects with its distinctive design, resembling the intricate details of a pineapple fruit.

Chevron Peaks Scallop

chevron peaks scallop

The Chevron Peaks Scallop adds a dynamic and modern look with its zigzag pattern, creating a bold edging for your crochet projects.

Floral Petal Edge

floral petal edge

Create a soft and delicate finishing touch resembling flower petals to add a charming and whimsical look to your crochet projects.

Leafy Vine Border

leafy vine border

Add a touch of nature to your crochet project with a Leafy Vine Border. This edging design features delicate leaves and twisting vines, perfect for enhancing the beauty of your project.

Layered Ruffle Edge

layered ruffle edge

Layered Ruffle Edge provides a delicate and intricate finish to your crochet project, adding a touch of elegance with its cascading layers of ruffles that create a whimsical and romantic look.

Cluster Dot Scallop

cluster dot scallop

The Cluster Dot Scallop edging adds a playful touch to your crochet projects with clusters of stitches forming a lovely scalloped edge.

Heart Motif Edging

heart motif edging

Enhance the edges of your crochet projects with heart motif edging, adding a lovely and romantic touch to your creations.

Starry Night Scallops

starry night scallops

Create a dreamy and celestial border reminiscent of a starry night sky with this unique scalloped edging pattern idea.

Wave Ripple Trim

wave ripple trim

Wave Ripple Trim adds a whimsical touch to your crochet projects, resembling gentle waves along the edge. This edging pattern creates a fun and unique finish that adds a dynamic element to your design.

Diamond Lace Border

diamond lace border

The Diamond Lace Border adds an elegant touch to your crochet projects, giving them a sophisticated and intricate look.

Zigzag Scallop Edging

zigzag scallop edging

Many crocheters enjoy the rhythmic pattern of the Zigzag Scallop Edging, perfect for adding a playful touch to your projects.

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