15 Picot Crochet Stitch Ideas

Discover fun and creative picot crochet stitch ideas to jazz up your next yarn project!

Picot Lace Edging

picot lace edging

Adds a delicate, vintage feel to any crochet project.

Picot Flower Petals

picot flower petals

Perfect for embellishing hats or headbands, these dainty petals add a whimsical touch to any crochet project.

Picot Join in Granny Squares

picot join in granny squares

Joining granny squares with picot edges adds a delicate, lacy touch to your blanket or cushion projects.

Picot Moss Stitch

picot moss stitch

This technique combines the texture of moss stitch with delicate picot tips, creating a lush and intricate fabric.

Picot Border On Blankets

picot border on blankets

Imagine the elegance of a blanket, crowned with delicate, lacy loops, adding an unmistakable touch of sophistication to cozy evenings.

Picot Accent On Hats

picot accent on hats

A line of delicate picots around the brim can elevate a simple hat into an elegant accessory.

Picot Trim On Shawls

picot trim on shawls

Adds a delicate, frilly edge that makes shawls look extra fabulous.

Picot Puff Stitch

picot puff stitch

Add whimsical dimension to your projects by incorporating puff stitches adorned with dainty picots for that extra flair.

Picot Fringe On Scarves

picot fringe on scarves

Add whimsy to your favorite scarf with dangly picot fringe for both style and swagger.

Picot Clusters in Motifs

picot clusters in motifs

They instantly add dimension and texture to your crochet motifs, like sprinkles on a sundae!

Picot Ribbing On Sweaters

picot ribbing on sweaters

Add a playful and elegant touch to your sweater cuffs and hems by incorporating picot ribbing for extra flair.

Picot Edging On Baby Booties

Add an adorable and delicate finish to baby booties with a sweet, picot accent around the cuffs.

Picot Decorative Buttons

picot decorative buttons

Perfect for adding charm to cardigans, these buttons use tiny picot loops to form a delicate, eye-catching border.

Picot Cables

picot cables

Add a whimsical twist to classic cable patterns with tiny picot loops for extra texture.

Picot Embellished Doilies

picot embellished doilies

Transform simple doilies into elegant table art with intricate picot designs, adding a touch of vintage charm to your decor.

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