How to Make a Granny Square: Step-by-Step Guide

Learn how to make a classic granny square with easy-to-follow steps and a sprinkle of fun.

Key takeaways:

  • Gather necessary supplies: yarn, hook, scissors, tapestry needle.
  • Learn key stitches: chain, slip stitch, double crochet, slip knot.
  • Follow step-by-step instructions to create a granny square.
  • Create a single-color granny square with ease.
  • Switch colors for a multi-color granny square.

Grab Your Supplies

grab your supplies

Alright, let’s get this granny square party started! First thing’s first: gather your goodies. Need a shopping list? Here you go.

– Yarn: Opt for medium-weight yarn, a.k.a. worsted weight. It’s the Goldilocks of yarn—just right.

– Hook: A trusty size H/8 (5 mm) crochet hook will do the trick. It’s like the magic wand of your crochet kingdom.

– Scissors: Unless you enjoy gnawing through yarn like a squirrel (no judgment), a small pair of scissors is a must.

Tapestry Needle: For weaving in those sneaky yarn tails. Think of it as the clean-up crew for your masterpiece.

Before you run off on a supply spree, double-check that there’s no cat napping in your yarn stash. We don’t want any furry surprises mid-project!

Know Your Stitches

Before diving in, you need to be familiar with a few key stitches. First up, the chain stitch. Think of it as the crochet equivalent of laces in your sneakers — foundational and essential.

Next, the slip stitch. It’s quick, it’s inconspicuous, and it helps you sneak from one spot to another without everyone noticing. The ninja of crochet stitches.

Then, there’s the double crochet. It’s tall, it’s proud, and it forms the core of your granny square. You’ll be seeing a lot of these long-legged stitches.

Finally, the slip knot. It’s basically the handshake that introduces you to your yarn. Make it firm, but not too tight.

Ready to get those fingers dancing? Time to put these stitches to work!

Starting the Granny Square

First things first, create a slip knot on your crochet hook. This is like the starting pistol at a race, only with less sweating involved.

Chain four stitches. Think of this as building the tiny foundation of your crochet empire.

Slip stitch into the first chain to form a ring. Imagine you’ve now set up a mini hula hoop for your yarn.

Now, chain three. This acts as your very first double crochet stitch. It’s like the opening act before the main band comes on stage.

Next, crochet two double crochet stitches into the ring. You’ll now have a friendly trio of stitches ready to party.

Chain two. Stitch four double crochets into the ring. You’re basically throwing a mini yarn shindig.

Chain two again. Follow with three more double crochets. You’re close to forming a square now, hang tight.

Last but not least, do another chain two and slip stitch into the third chain from where you started. Voilà! You’ve got the first round done. Hug yourself. Now onto more rounds and colors!

Crocheting a Single-Color Granny Square

First things first, start with a slip knot and chain four. Now, do the time warp by joining that last chain to the first with a slip stitch to form a loop. Magic, right?

Next up, chain three. This counts as your first double crochet. Now, let’s get wild—double crochet two more times into that same loop.

Feeling adventurous? Chain two to create a corner. Then, three more double crochets into the loop. See a pattern forming? It’s like crochet deja vu.

Repeat the chain two and three double crochets in the loop twice more. You’ll end up with four sides, all cozy and square-like.

Finally, slip stitch into the top of your starting chain three. Ta-da! You have your first round. Ready to level up? For each new round, start with a slip stitch to get to a corner, chain three, then follow the pattern of three double crochets and chain two for corners. Remember, practice makes cozy!

Crocheting a Multi-Color Granny Square

Switching colors in a granny square? Piece of cake! Here’s how:

  1. Finish your final stitch of the current round as normal. Complete that join, then snip the yarn, leaving a little tail. Think of it as a parting gift.
  1. To start your new color, grab the new yarn and make a slip knot. Attach it to your hook.
  1. Insert your hook into a corner space of your granny square. Don’t be shy.
  1. Pull the new yarn through the space, then chain 3. This counts as your first double crochet. Consider it the freshman of the group.
  1. Continue your stitch pattern around, just as you did before, with double crochets, chain spaces, and joyful enthusiasm.
  1. Each time you hit a new round, switch colors. Feel like a rebellious artist with a big, yarny palette.
  1. Work over the yarn tails while crocheting to save time on weaving in ends later. Multi-tasking is your best friend here.

Remember: you’re not just crocheting—you’re creating a quilted rainbow. And yes, it’s awesome.

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