How to Take Out Faux Locs: Easy Steps for Gorgeous Hair

Learn step-by-step how to safely remove faux locs without damaging your natural hair or losing your patience!

Ever wondered if extracting faux locs could be a serene journey instead of a hair-raising saga? You’ve landed in the right place! Settle in, because with the right prep and a dash of humor, we’ll transform this meticulous task into a breeze. From prepping roots to the final snip, every nitty-gritty detail is here to rescue your beautiful hair. Grab your tools (and your patience) and let’s get those locs out without the drama!

Key takeaways:

  • Take out faux locs after 6-8 weeks.
  • Check roots, loc appearance, scalp, hair heaviness.
  • Gather tools: scissors, clips, oil, comb, patience.
  • Oil hands, part hair, snip carefully.
  • Unravel locs from bottom, be patient and gentle.

When Should You Take Down Your Faux Locs?

Faux locs give you that stylish boho-chic vibe, but they aren’t meant to stick around forever. Generally, it’s good to take them out after six to eight weeks. Keeping them for too long can lead to hair breakage and scalp irritation.

Check your natural hair growth. If your roots are making a surprise appearance and causing discomfort, it’s time.

Are your faux locs looking like they’ve been through a wind tunnel one too many times? That’s another hint!

Don’t ignore your scalp. If it’s itchy or flaky, that’s your cue.

Listen to your hair. If it feels heavy or like it’s pulling, it’s signaling distress.

In short, if the mirror and your scalp start throwing shade, it’s probably time to bid farewell to your faux locs.

What You Need

Got your toolkit ready? Here’s the shopping list!

First up, a pair of sharp scissors—trust me, you don’t want to tug at those faux locs with dull blades. Next, grab some hair clips or hair ties to section off your hair. You’ll also need some good ol’ hair oil or conditioner. This slippery stuff will help you glide through the process like a pro.

Keep a wide-tooth comb handy to detangle your luscious locks once the faux locs are out. And let’s not forget a spray bottle filled with water to maintain hair moisture. Hydration is key, folks!

Lastly, have patience on standby. It’s your best friend in this adventure.

Step 1: Oil Your Palms and Fingers

Keep a bottle of your favorite hair oil handy. Coconut, jojoba, or even olive oil will do the trick. Apply a generous amount to your palms and fingers to reduce friction. Oiled hands glide through hair easier and help prevent unnecessary tugging.

As an added bonus, the oil will moisturize your hair while you work, keeping it healthy. Think of it as a mini-spa treatment for your locs.

Using oil also helps preserve the natural texture of your hair, making detangling a whole lot simpler. Plus, it’s a great excuse to skip arm day at the gym.

Step 2: Part Your Hair Into Sections and Snip

step 2 part your hair into sections and snip

Start by parting your hair into manageable sections. Use hair clips to keep the sections separate and organized. This makes the process less chaotic and reduces the risk of accidentally snipping your natural hair.

Next, locate the base of each faux loc, where your natural hair meets the extension. Snip the faux loc a few inches below the point where it connects to your hair. This helps avoid any accidental chopping of your real hair because, let’s face it, surprise haircuts are only fun on reality TV.

Remember, patience is key. If rushed, you might tug or damage your natural hair. Work through each section methodically. Keeping the sections small not only helps maintain control but also makes the entire unwrapping experience a breeze.

Finally, feel free to hum your favorite tune. It makes the snipping and sectioning way more enjoyable. And if you start a mini dance party in the bathroom – hey, who’s judging?

Step 3: Unravel the Locs

Start from the bottom of each section and gently work your way up. Think of it as a reverse Rapunzel moment—no prince needed, just patience.

Use your fingers or a rat-tail comb to separate the locs. Avoid rushing it, unless you’re a fan of impromptu hair loss (spoiler: you’re not).

If you encounter a stubborn knot, apply more oil or conditioner to loosen it. In a pinch, a little hair mist can work wonders.

Remember, slow and steady wins the race. Your hair—and your scalp—will thank you later.

Step 4: Pre-poo Your Hair

Before your hair dives into that luxurious bubble bath you’ve been planning, let’s talk pre-poo (not what you think).

  1. Grab a rich conditioner or oil. Think coconut oil, olive oil, or that fancy avocado stuff.
  2. Apply generously to your hair and scalp. Be the Oprah of hair care: you get oil! And you get oil!
  3. Gently work it in, massaging as if your hair owes you money. This helps loosen up any gunk and makes detangling a breeze.
  4. Let it marinate for at least 20-30 minutes. More if you can. This step hydrates and prepares your hair, so it’s not like a cactus in a desert when you wash it.

There you go, pre-poo perfection! Your hair is now ready for a good scrub without the drama.

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