Bernat Big Blanket Yarn: Guide for Best Uses and Care

Dive into the world of luxurious, thick and cozy creations because the Bernat Big Blanket Yarn provides an unmatched experience for any yarn crafts enthusiast.

Catering to both seasoned and novice crafters, Bernat Blanket Big is an ultra-cozy, super bulky yarn that’s ideal for creating luxuriously thick accessories and home décor projects with a stylishly bulky look.

Its super-soft texture, excellent stitch definition, array of available colors, and easy-care features place it in a class of its own among fellow yarns.

Dive into the specifics, from its unique material composition to the optimum knitting or crocheting techniques, and even some project ideas to get started with.

Explore this bonanza of Bernat Blanket Big to make the most of your yarn crafting journey.

Key takeaways:

  • Bernat Big Blanket Yarn: Luxurious, thick, and cozy creations
  • Features: Super bulky weight, durable, soft, machine washable
  • Ideal projects: Throw blankets, scarves, rugs, hats, pet accessories
  • Care tips: Follow label instructions, hand wash recommended
  • Common mistakes: Twisting yarn, splitting yarn, loose tension, running out of yarn

Bernat Big Blanket Yarn Features

bernat big blanket yarn features

Ranging from its supersize skein to luxurious texture, Bernat Big Blanket Yarn offers noteworthy features for yarn craft enthusiasts.

Its super bulky weight allows for quick and easy project completion.

It’s 100% polyester making it durable and soft.

Each skein contains approximately 220 yards, a generous amount for large projects.

The yarn is also machine washable and dryable for easy care.

Available in a wide spectrum of energetic, vibrant shades, as well as soft, neutral tones, it affords creators the freedom to match any décor style or color scheme.

Its chenille style ensures a velvety feel, perfect for comfy and cozy fabric creations.

Understanding Bernat Big Blanket Yarn Composition

understanding bernat big blanket yarn composition

This plush yarn is primarily a polyester blend, known for its superior resilience and durability.

Measured in thickness, it falls under the category of ‘super-bulky’ or ‘chunky’ yarn, which indicates its well-built structure ideal for warm and cozy projects.

The spin is loose but secure, providing a comfortable feel and an easy workability for beginners.

Providing high-volume without the additional weight, it adds to the heaviness of a piece without making it unwieldy.

It’s hypoallergenic and resistant to mites, making it ideal for home projects.

Its composition ensures durable creations that can withstand regular washing, maintaining the color vibrancy throughout its lifespan.

Ideal Projects for Bernat Big Blanket Yarn

ideal projects for bernat big blanket yarn

As a super bulky yarn, the Bernat Big Blanket Yarn works exceptionally well for creating cozy, soft furnishings for your home. It’s perfect for crafting oversized throw blankets due to its thickness, allowing swift completion of projects and providing incredible warmth.

Similarly, chunky scarves and wraps take shape easily with this lofty yarn, making it a great choice for seasoned crafters aiming for quick winter project completions. The bulky texture also yields resilient rugs, appealing poufs and cushion covers.

For novice knitters and crocheters, using Bernat Big Blanket Yarn for simple hats or cowls can yield delightful results and serve as a great way to practice.

Lastly, don’t neglect the potential for pet-friendly projects. A simple dog bed or cat mat made from this plush yarn can make a comfy and cherished pet accessory.

In all these projects, remember that due to the massiveness of the yarn, your stitches will be larger and the overall texture of your projects puffy and fluffy, making for warm and inviting creations.

How to Care for Bernat Big Blanket Yarn

how to care for bernat big blanket yarn

To keep your projects looking their best, it’s essential to properly care for your Bernat Big Blanket Yarn creations. Despite its soft and luxurious texture, this yarn is surprisingly low-maintenance.

First, check the label. It contains all the necessary care instructions. Generally, items made from this yarn are machine washable and dryable on a low setting. However, many crafters recommend washing handmade items by hand in cold water to maintain their shape and color.

Avoid aggressive scrubbing or wringing out too tightly to prevent stretching or pilling. Instead, gently squeeze out excess water then lay the item flat to dry.

For stain removal, treat as soon as possible with a gentle detergent solution and soft cloth, taking care not to rub too rigorously. Rapid action can often prevent permanent discoloration.

Even when stored, it’s crucial to protect your Bernat Big Blanket yarn projects. Choose a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, which can fade colors over time. When dealing with troublesome creases from storage, use a fabric steamer instead of a hot iron, which can damage the yarn.

Keeping these tips in mind, you can ensure the longevity of your projects and continue to enjoy the warmth and comfort of Bernat Big Blanket Yarn creations for years to come.

Common Mistakes and Solutions Using Bernat Big Blanket Yarn

Mistake #1: Twisting the yarn – While working with Bernat Big Blanket Yarn, it’s easy to inadvertently twist it. This can lead to uneven tension in stitches or knots. To avoid this, always make sure the yarn lies flat as you crochet or knit.

Mistake #2: Splitting the yarn – It’s a common mishap due to the yarn’s thickness. To avoid splitting, make sure to insert your crochet hook or knitting needles correctly into each stitch, and keep them sharp to easily penetrate the yarn.

Mistake #3: Loose tension – Many crafters find it difficult to maintain good tension with bulkier yarns like Bernat Big Blanket Yarn. If your stitches appear loose, consider using a smaller size hook or needle to create tighter stitches, while ensuring they’re still comfortable to work with.

Mistake #4: Running out of the yarn in the middle of project – Estimating how much yarn you’ll need for your project can be difficult. Always purchase an extra ball of yarn or two to ensure you have enough to complete your project.

Remember, practice makes perfect, and these common mistakes become less frequent over time. Happy crafting!

Tips for Storing Bernat Big Blanket Yarn

To maintain the quality of your Bernat Big Blanket Yarn, proper storage is essential. Here are a few tips that might prove helpful:

1. Avoid Direct Sunlight: Prolonged exposure to the sun can fade the yarn’s color. Store your yarn in a cool, shaded place.

2. Temperature and Humidity Control: Yarns, especially those with a wool blend like Bernat Big Blanket, can be sensitive to temperature changes and high humidity. A moisture-free environment is ideal.

3. Use Fabric Bags or Bins: Plastic bags can trap moisture and cause mildew. Opt for cloth bags, fabric bins, or breathable containers for storage.

4. No Sharp Objects: Keep your yarn away from anything that could potentially snag or damage it, like hooks, needles, or scissors.

5. Avoid Storing Near Pets: Bernat Big Blanket Yarn is super fluffy and inviting for pets. To prevent unwanted damage, keep your stash safely tucked away.

6. Keep It Clean: Make certain your storage area is clean. Dust and particles can settle on the yarn and be hard to remove, affecting the quality overall.

With these practical steps, you can ensure your Bernat Big Blanket Yarn stays fresh, vibrant, and ready for future crafting projects.

Comparing Bernat Big Blanket Yarn to Other Yarn Brands

There is a wide variety of yarn brands available, each with its unique characteristics. When compared, Bernat Big Blanket Yarn stands out due to its sheer size and fluffiness, making it perfect for big, cozy, and warm projects. It’s 100% polyester, which gives it a luxurious feel and impressive durability. It’s super soft and comes in a plethora of vibrant and pastel shades to choose from.

This contrasts with other brands like Red Heart Super Saver, which is a thinner, medium-4 worsted yarn more suited to clothes or detailed items. Lion Brand’s Wool-Ease Thick & Quick is a bulky yarn as well, but it’s a blend of acrylic and wool, leading to different care instructions and a different feel and look in projects.

All yarns have their strengths and ideal uses. It’s essential to choose the one that best fits with the project at hand. Hence, understanding the difference between Bernat Big Blanket yarn and other brands is key to choosing correctly.

Benefits of Using Bernat Big Blanket Yarn for Home Décor

This plush, super bulky yarn lends itself beautifully to home décor projects. One of the key benefits lies in its ability to create cozy, luxurious textures with ease.

From fluffy pillows to thick, warm throws, its volume effortlessly adds an inviting feel to living spaces.

Secondly, the extensive color palette offered by Bernat Big Blanket Yarn opens up a world of decorative possibilities.

Crafters can choose from a medley of rich colors to design pieces that complement the existing interior or serve as a vibrant focal point.

Lastly, the yarn is incredibly quick to work with.

The crafted items take shape remarkably faster due to the bulky nature of the thread, which is of significant advantage when creating larger items like afghans or floor rugs.

Consequently, using Bernat Big Blanket Yarn for home décor is both aesthetically pleasing and practically efficient.

Patterns Ideal for Bernat Big Blanket Yarn

A variety of patterns can work wonderfully with this standout yarn due to its substantial thickness and softness.

1. Quick Knit Blankets: This yarn is perfect for oversized, plush blankets. With just a simple stitch, you can quickly create a cozy throw.

2. Chunky Hats: Even beginner crocheters or knitters can whip up a warm, fashionable hat with this yarn. A single skein should suffice for one hat.

3. Oversized Scarfs: With its unique texture, this yarn lends itself beautifully to crafting chunky scarves, offering both aesthetics and warmth.

4. Stuffed Toys: If planning to create a cuddly toy, Bernat Big Blanket Yarn gives a perfect plush feel to it.

5. Basket Weave Patterns: Add a touch of sophistication with the basket weave pattern. The chunkiness of the yarn truly brings out the beauty of this pattern.

Remember, for best results, you may need to adjust the pattern to accommodate the thickness of this yarn. Depending on the size of your project, don’t forget to buy an adequate number of skeins.

Best Crochet and Knitting Techniques for Bernat Big Blanket Yarn

When working with Bernat Big Blanket Yarn, a few techniques will simplify your knitting and crocheting process and maximize output.

1. Use Larger Hooks and Needles: Due to the thickness of the yarn, larger crochet hooks and knitting needles are preferred. They create looser stitches, making the final product soft and cosy.

2. Simple Stitches Work Best: It’s advisable to stick to simple stitches such as single crochet, double crochet, knit or purl. These preserve the yarn’s plush texture and allow it to truly shine.

3. Avoid Tight Tension: Ensure not to pull too tightly on your yarn as it can cause unnecessary stiffness, negating the softness that Bernat Big Blanket Yarn offers.

4. Chunky Patterns: Embrace patterns designed specifically for chunky yarns. They are the perfect complement to this thick, luxurious yarn, and you’ll appreciate the quick completion time.

5. Counting Stitches: Given its bulkiness, it can be challenging to see individual stitches. Try to keep an accurate count to avoid any issues.

With these tips in mind, your working experience with Bernat Big Blanket Yarn will become more enjoyable, and the end product will indeed feel as comfy as it looks.

Understanding Yarn Weight and Gauge in Bernat Big Blanket Yarn

Yarn weight refers to the thickness of a yarn strand. In the case of Bernat Big Blanket Yarn, it falls in the category of super bulky yarns for its relatively large thickness, which makes it ideal for knitting and crocheting big, cozy, and warmer output. It’s often recommended to use larger needle sizes such as 8mm-10mm for knitting and a size L/11 or larger hook for crocheting to work comfortably with this yarn.

Gauge, on the other hand, is a crucial parameter and denotes the number of stitches per inch. For Bernat Big Blanket Yarn, when knitting using 8mm or US 11 sized knitting needles, you can expect a gauge of approximately 8 stitches and 13 rows in a 4″ x 4″ (10cm x 10cm) swatch.

If crocheting, using a size L/11 crochet hook, the expected gauge would be around 7 sc and 8 rows. It’s advisable to make a small swatch to check your gauge before starting any project, as everyone’s tension can differ, affecting the drape and size of the final product.

Reviews & Ratings of Bernat Big Blanket Yarn

Upon inspection, users have commended the loftiness and warmth it provides, signifying an excellent winter craft material. End users also appreciate its ample thickness which makes it easy to knit or crochet with, even for novices. The spectrum of enticing shades it offers is frequently regarded as an added advantage, promising versatility for various projects.

On the other hand, some users have noted that it can be challenging to work with due to its size, especially on smaller, more intricate designs. While the large size forms its unique selling proposition, it may require some users to adjust their techniques or the tools they use.

These reported strengths and challenges echo in the common rating of 4.5/5, suggesting a well-invited acceptance, but with room for improvement or acclimation by certain users. It’s crucial to consider these opinions when choosing the Bernat Big Blanket yarn for projects to ensure satisfaction with the final product.

Questions & Answers About Bernat Big Blanket Yarn

Q: Can Bernat Big Blanket Yarn be used for garments?

A: While it can be used for chunky sweaters and oversized scarves, it’s primarily designed for cozy, plush blankets, throws, and home décor items due to its thickness and weight.

Q: Is it suitable for beginners?

A: Absolutely! Its thickness makes it easier to handle and see stitches, making it an excellent choice for novice knitters and crocheters.

Q: Can I machine wash items made with this yarn?

A: Yes, items crafted from Bernat Big Blanket Yarn are machine washable and dryable at low temperatures, which proves to be a practical advantage.

Q: How many skeins do I need for a blanket?

A: This would depend on the size of the blanket. For a standard throw size blanket, around 6-8 skeins would ordinarily be sufficient.

Q: Is it made of natural or synthetic fibers?

A: It’s made from 100% polyester, ensuring durability and softness on a super bulky scale.

Recommendations and Similar Items to Bernat Big Blanket Yarn

When it comes to alternative yarns, one could consider several options. The ‘Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick‘ provides a chunky texture similar to Bernat Big Blanket, known for its warmth and durability. ‘Red Heart Grande‘ too, is another bulky yarn recognized for its softness and ease of use.

If you lean more towards sustainable choices, ‘Hoooked Zpagetti T-Shirt Yarn‘ is a recycled material option, offering an array of different colors and prints. Also, ‘Gentle Giant‘ by Purl Soho is worth considering due to its rich colors and superbly soft merino service.

In terms of easy-care, ‘Chenille Thick & Quick‘ by Lion Brand Yarn is a machine wash and dry option, matching Bernat Big Blanket‘s requirement for low-maintenance care.

Lastly, ‘Alize Puffy‘ deserves a mention for its loop yarn quality. This makes it an excellent choice for beginners as it eliminates the need for knitting needles or crochet hooks.

Each mentioned yarn has its unique characteristics, always consider the specifics of your project before choosing.

Shipping & Returns Information for Bernat Big Blanket Yarn

Before you purchase this yarn, make sure you are well-informed about the vendor’s shipping and return policies. Consider the delivery time frames to prevent project delays, especially if deadlines are looming.

Furthermore, check if returns or exchanges are accepted, particularly, if the specific shade of yarn is not as shown or if there’s an issue with the yarn fiber quality.

Remember, returned items should typically be in new and unused condition. Keep your receipts! Digital or physical proof of purchase might be necessary if there’s a need for a return or exchange.

Lastly, take note of any restocking fee. Some vendors might deduct this from your refund total. A well-informed purchase helps make your crocheting or knitting project a smooth one – without unexpected delays or costs.

How to Select the Best Bernat Big Blanket Yarn Color for a Project

When embarking on a project using Bernat Big Blanket yarn, color selection plays a pivotal role.

1. Match or Contrast: Consider whether you’re aiming to match the yarn color with the existing décor or create a stunning contrast. Neutral shades like white, grey, or brown can easily blend, while vibrant shades like teal, pink, or mustard can stand out.

2. Mood Setting: Colors may also set moods. For instance, blues might evoke tranquility, yellows exude cheerfulness, while reds signify warmth and passion.

3. Lighting Consideration: Pay attention to the space where the item will be placed. In a brightly lit setting, light yarn colors might appear washed out, and in dimly lit areas, darker colors could lose their richness.

4. Multi-Color Projects: If you’re incorporating multiple colors, aim for a balance between light, medium, dark hues, or coordinating colors.

5. Test Swatches: Always prepare a test swatch in your chosen color(s) and see how they suit your pattern, stitch style, and the desired location.

Armed with these pointers, making a well-informed color choice for your Bernat Big Blanket yarn project becomes a more intuitive and enjoyable process.

Bernat Big Blanket Yarn in the Market Today

Bernat Big Blanket Yarn continues to hold a significant place in the yarn market, offering a diverse assortment for all types of yarn enthusiasts. There are a variety of shades available to cater to individual tastes, from bold, vibrant hues to understated neutral tones.

Importantly, availability is rarely an issue. Leading crafting supply stores and numerous online platforms stock Bernat Big Blanket Yarn regularly, giving crafters around the globe access.

Quality doesn’t falter with each batch released. Consistently, the yarn maintains its jumbo thickness and pleasantly soft texture, without compromising sturdiness, allowing for durable projects.

Furthermore, the brand constantly explores innovative ideas. New patterns suitable for their product are often added to their online collection, ensuring that even seasoned users have fresh projects to try.

Keep in mind that price points vary depending on the vendor; therefore, always compare prices across different platforms before purchase. Through these avenues, you can maximize the utility and enjoyment of Bernat Big Blanket Yarn.


Is Bernat Big discontinued?

Yes, Bernat Big has been discontinued.

How much Bernat Blanket Big yarn do I need for a blanket?

For a blanket, Bernat Blanket Big yarn requirements will depend on the blanket size; a twin size blanket requires 9 balls (approx. 2,000 yards), a baby blanket 5 balls (approx. 900 yards), a lovey 1 skein, and a king size blanket 15-20 balls.

How many skeins of chunky yarn do I need for a full size blanket?

For a full-size blanket made with chunky yarn, typically between 10 to 15 skeins are required.

Can you crochet with Bernat Blanket Big yarn?

Yes, you can crochet with Bernat Blanket Big yarn.

How to care for a Bernat Big blanket yarn product?

To care for a Bernat Big blanket yarn product, wash it by hand in cool water and lay it flat to dry.

What are some stitches best suited for Bernat Blanket Big yarn in crocheting?

The single crochet stitch, half double crochet, and the loose double crochet are ideal for Bernat Blanket Big yarn due to its thick texture.

Is it possible to combine different types of Bernat Blanket yarns in one project?

Yes, it is possible to combine different types of Bernat Blanket yarns in one project, as long as they have similar care instructions and thickness.

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