Knit Crochet Stitch: Master This Hybrid for Unique Projects

Learn how to create the knit crochet stitch for projects that blend the best of both knitting and crocheting techniques.

Ever wanted to fake ’em out with crochet that looks knitted? The knit crochet stitch has you covered, creating textures that could fool even your snobbiest knitting friends. Dive into this guide armed with a trusty hook, perky yarn, and a few essential tools. We’ll unravel the secrets behind this crafty chameleon, from mastering cryptic crochet codes to stitching like a pro. Ready for a knot-so-ordinary adventure? Let’s stitch up some magic!

Key takeaways:

  • Knit crochet stitch creates unique textures in crochet projects.
  • Materials needed include a sturdy crochet hook, smooth yarn, stitch marker, scissors, and a tapestry needle.
  • Learn the jargon: sc, ch, st, knit stitch, rnd, MC.
  • Follow the steps to crochet the knit stitch and achieve a knit-like appearance.
  • Use the knit stitch in the round for more creative projects.



To start with the knit stitch in crochet, you’ll need just a handful of materials. A sturdy crochet hook, preferably one with a pointed tip, works best—it’ll help you maneuver through those tight stitches. Choose yarn that’s smooth and consistent in thickness; it makes learning easier. Cotton and wool blends are excellent choices for this.

A stitch marker is your minor hero for in-the-round projects. It saves you from counting stitches, which is about as fun as counting pennies. You’ll also need a great pair of scissors; not those kindergarten ones, but the sharp, pointy kind that cut yarn like butter.

Lastly, grab a not-too-flimsy tapestry needle for weaving in those pesky ends.

Keep this lineup handy, and you’re all set to master the knit stitch in crochet.

Abbreviations + Glossary (US Terms)

Before diving into the creativity of the knit stitch, a little jargon busting helps. Fear not, it’s way simpler than trying to explain why yarn balls have a tendency to roll off tables!

Sc (Single Crochet) – The baseline. This is your bread and butter stitch.

Ch (Chain) – Think of this as laying the foundation bricks for your project.

St (Stitch) – The little building blocks you work into. No bricks, no house!

Knit Stitch – Also called the waistcoat stitch. This little rascal loves mimicking knit textures.

Rnd (Round) – Crocheting in circles like a cunning strategy game.

MC (Main Color) – The star of the show, this color gets all the spotlight.

Got it? Good! Let’s get stitching like it’s nobody’s business.

How to Crochet the Knit Stitch

First, grab yarn and hook. Start with a foundation chain—just your regular chain stitches.

Insert your hook into the second chain from the hook. This little maneuver is secret agent stuff, subtle but powerful.

Yarn over and pull through. Two loops on your hook now. Cozy yet?

Yarn over again and pull through both loops. Bam. You’ve just created a single crochet.

Here’s the twist: Instead of inserting your hook under both top loops, aim right between the legs of the stitch from the row below. This changes the whole game, revealing a sneaky ‘v’ pattern.

Repeat this process across the row. Each stitch goes through those ‘legs’. Your fabric will start mimicking a knit piece.

Remember to keep tension even. The stitch can get a bit snug, making it feel like the yarn is practicing yoga.

Keep practicing. In no time, you’ll have a swath of fabric that will fool even your knitting friends.

Crocheting the Knit Stitch in the Round

When you’re ready to add some spice to your crochet life, working this stitch in the round brings delightful results. Here’s the gist:

  1. Start with a Magic Ring:
  2. Magic, but not the rabbit-out-of-hat kind. Create a circle with your yarn and secure it with a chain stitch. This jolly little ring is your starting foundation.
  1. Place Single Crochet Stitches:
  2. Crochet single crochet stitches in the ring. Remember, these are the stepping stones to your yarny wonderland.
  1. Forming Rounds:
  2. In the first stitch of each round, insert your hook between the legs of the stitch below, not the tops. This is the wizardry that makes your fabric look knit!
  1. Keep Tension Consistent:
  2. Zeus himself would tell you that even tension gives a polished look. Loosey-goosey stitches may cause unsightly gaps.
  1. Mind the Stitch Markers:
  2. Place a stitch marker at the beginning of each round. Losing count is easy; finding it, not so much.
  1. Avoid Twisting:
  2. New rounds go atop old rounds, so keep them aligned. Crooked stitching is a no-go unless you’re aiming for a Möbius scarf!

As you crochet merrily around, remember these tips and soon, you’ll have a seamless creation with that coveted knit-look texture. Happy stitching!

Essential Tips for Waistcoat Stitch Success

Choosing the right yarn and hook size is crucial. Opt for smooth yarns to effortlessly slide between stitches, avoiding unnecessary tug-of-war matches with your project. Adjust your hook size for the perfect tension: too tight, and you’ll be wrestling to insert your hook; too loose, and the knit illusion will deflate like a sad balloon.

Consistent tension makes all the difference. Keep your stitches evenly sized to maintain that polished, knit-like appearance. Think of it as teaching your yarn some discipline—each loop should stand at attention, no slacking allowed.

Your stitch placement should be impeccable. Insert your hook precisely between the V of the stitch below, not the gap. Imagine threading a needle through a tiny buttonhole; precision is key to maintaining the stitch’s integrity.

Lastly, patience is your friend. The knit stitch can be slower to crochet compared to others, but resist the urge to rush. Slow and steady wins you the crisply knitted look without any hair-pulling moments.

Free Crochet Patterns That Look Knit

  1. Beanie Season: Dive into the world of cozy by crafting a beanie that looks knit. The waistcoat stitch gives it that classic knit texture while keeping things fresh and unique.
  1. Scarf Envy: A scarf using this stitch will have everyone questioning your needle skills. It’s like a magic trick, but cozier and without rabbits.
  1. Cardigan Craze: Cardigans are forever chic. Using the waistcoat stitch, you can create a snuggly and stylish cardigan that pairs well with both jeans and invisibility cloaks.
  1. Blanket Goals: Make a blanket that boasts the refined look of knitwear. Perfect for Netflix marathons and accidental afternoon naps.
  1. Pillow Talk: Spruce up your living space with crochet pillows that mimic the knit look. Warning: Friends may want to lounge on them indefinitely.

Remember, these projects not only look amazing, they also impress with their sophisticated “knit” appearance. Your hooks will be busy and your admirers plentiful!

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