How to Join New Yarn in Crochet: Stress-Free Techniques

Learn how to seamlessly join new yarn in your crochet projects without any fuss or frustration.

Key takeaways:

  • Join yarn with the last yarn over of a stitch
  • Use the magic knot for an unbreakable bond
  • Incorporate new yarn seamlessly by crocheting over both strands
  • Try the Russian Join for a seamless join without knots
  • Weave in ends to keep your project neat and tidy

Join Yarn With the Last Yarn Over of a Stitch

join yarn with the last yarn over of a stitch

To execute this method, crochet up to the point where you’ll need to add the new yarn. When you are about to complete the last yarn over of your stitch, drop the old yarn and pick up the new yarn.

Pull the new yarn through to finish the stitch. Keep both old and new yarns to the back of your work, and crochet the next few stitches over the tails to secure.

Snip the old yarn, leaving a small tail. Continue crocheting with the new yarn. This method is simple and works well for all kinds of projects, from cozy blankets to whimsical amigurumi.

Remember to weave in those ends! Floppy tails dangling around are fun for cats but less so for your masterpiece.


  1. Start with a completed stitch, leaving the final yarn over undone. This creates a smooth transition.
  2. Pick up the new yarn and lay it over the hook. Don’t worry, it’s less scary than a surprise spider!
  3. Complete the yarn over with the new yarn, drawing it through the loop on the hook. Voila, they’re now best friends!
  4. Pull the ends of both old and new yarns tight. Pretend you’re making sure they’re holding hands firmly.
  5. Continue crocheting with the new yarn, leaving the tails to be woven in later. Consider them short-term guests; don’t leave them hanging around forever!

Time to resume that beautiful project. Have fun, and keep those stitches happy.

The Magic Knot

No, we’re not summoning any mystical forces here, but we are creating an unbreakable bond between yarns. The Magic Knot is a wizardly way to join two pieces of yarn, and guess what? You won’t have to worry about loose ends.

Here’s the deal:

Tie a simple overhand knot on the end of each yarn piece.

Now, take the two knots and slide them together, like two swans in love.

Pull the yarn strands nice and snug. The swans should nestle closely without a gap.

For the grand finale, trim the ends close to the knots.

Voilà! Ready to continue your crochet spellcasting with a seamless new yarn.


Start by working your crochet project until you have about 6 inches of your old yarn left. Hold the new yarn alongside the old yarn.

Incorporate the new yarn by holding it against your work and crocheting over both the old and new strands together. This way, the new yarn is anchored in place seamlessly.

Once secure, drop the old yarn and continue crocheting with just the new yarn.

If the transition feels too sudden, intertwine the new yarn with a few extra stitches for added strength. Trim the old yarn close to your stitches but leave a small tail to weave in later.

The Russian Join

This method sounds fancy because it is. Perfect for yarns that fray easily or for perfectionists who dislike weaving ends, it creates a seamless join.

To get started:

  • Grab both old and new yarns, threading the end of the old yarn through a tapestry needle.
  • Carefully weave the needle into the old yarn itself, forming a loop.
  • Do the same weaving trick with the new yarn, threading it into itself.
  • Pull the ends so the yarns snug tight, locking the loops together.

Voilà, no knots, no fuss, just a sneaky disappear-into-itself trick that would make a magician proud.

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