How to Make Yarn Ornaments: An Easy Guide for DIY Craft Lovers

Try your hand at making yarn ornaments because it’s an exciting way to add a cozy, homemade touch to your decorations.

Creating yarn ornaments is a delightful way to add a personal touch to your holiday decorations or to make meaningful handmade gifts.

This article will guide you through the process, providing step-by-step instructions and tips to ensure your success.

Whether you’re creating yarn balls, festive shapes, or intricate designs, you’ll find all the details you need here.

With a bit of yarn, some crafting tools, and your creativity, you’ll be making beautiful yarn ornaments in no time.

Key takeaways:

  • Use varied yarn thicknesses and colors for personalized ornaments.
  • Gather materials like balloons, craft glue, scissors, and ribbon.
  • Follow step-by-step instructions to wrap yarn around a base.
  • Customize yarn ornaments with different colors, shapes, and embellishments.
  • Display ornaments on a tree, mantel, or in a glass jar.

Materials Needed for Yarn Ornaments

materials needed for yarn ornaments

Consider the following items when gathering materials for your crafting session.

1. Yarn: Varied thicknesses and colors can add dimension and a personalised touch to your ornaments.

2. Balloons: Small balloons function as the mold for your ornament. Water balloons work perfectly for this.

3. Craft Glue or Fabric Stiffener: This is essential for the structure of the ornament. Either can be used as they harden the yarn to maintain the shape of the ornament.

4. Scissors: A pair of sharp scissors is needed to cut the yarn and pop the balloons.

5. Bowl: You’ll need a bowl to soak the yarn in glue or fabric stiffener.

6. Twine or Ribbon: Used for hanging the ornaments.

7. Glitter (optional): Glitter can add a sparkling finish to your yarn ornaments if you so desire.

8. Embellishments (optional): Sequins, beads, small faux gems can add a decorative touch.

Each material serves a unique purpose, ensuring that your yarn ornaments come out as beautifully as possible. It’s also key to remember not to rush the process of acquiring these materials. Crafting should not feel like a race. Enjoy the rhythm and flow that comes with preparing for this creative process.

Steps to Create DIY Yarn Ornaments

steps to create diy yarn ornaments

Firstly, choose the type of yarn and gather all necessary tools such as scissors, glue, and a form like a balloon or styrofoam ball as a base for the ornament shape. Now, you’re ready to start creating.

1. Inflate your balloon or choose a styrofoam ball of the desired size.

2. Cut pieces of yarn into lengths varying between 6-12 inches.

3. Dip each piece of yarn into a bowl filled with glue and remove the excess glue by running the yarn through your fingers.

4. Wrap the glue-soaked string around the balloon or ball randomly or in a pattern, ensuring coverage but allowing gaps to create individuality.

5. When you’re satisfied with the yarn placement, allow the ornament to dry completely.

6. If you are using a balloon, once the yarn and glue has dried, pop the balloon carefully and remove it from the inside of the yarn ball.

7. Lastly, add some finishing touches like a ribbon to hang the ornament.

Remember, this is a basic guide and there are countless ways to modify it to create different yarn ornaments. Experiment with different yarn colours, shapes, and even glitter or beads for added sparkle.

How to Make Wrapped Yarn Ornaments

how to make wrapped yarn ornaments

First, choose your favorite type of yarn and a foam or plastic ball, which will serve as the base. It’s important this base is lightweight, as it’ll need to hang comfortably on a tree branch, for example.

Next, secure the end of the yarn to the ornament with a dab of hot glue. Allow it to dry before proceeding to ensure it holds firm. Once dry, start wrapping the yarn around the ornament. The trick here is to go in multiple directions to achieve a random, but neat, pattern.

Continue wrapping until you’re satisfied with the look. To finish, cut off the excess yarn and secure the end with another dab of hot glue.

In case hot glue isn’t available, try other types of strong adhesive. Allow adequate drying time before moving on to the attachment of an ornament hanger.

Lastly, add a loop of yarn or string for hanging the ornament. Secure it with knots and, for added strength, another dab of glue. Be sure this is completely dry before hanging your ornament.

Remember, there’s a world of possibilities in terms of yarn colors and styles. Don’t hesitate to mix and match to suit the theme of your decorations!

Variations of Yarn Ornaments for Customization

variations of yarn ornaments for customization

Experimenting with different types of yarn can produce a range of textures and aesthetics. For instance, bulky wool yarn can create a rustic feel, while thin cotton yarn lends a more delicate touch.

Color is another avenue for customization. Monochrome ornaments keep it simple and elegant, while multicolored ones carry a joyous, festive vibe. Try using seasonal colors for a holiday feel, or your favorite color combinations for a personalized touch.

Don’t limit yourself to spheres, venture into various shapes. Stars, hearts, or even animal shapes can add a whimsical element to your decorations.

Decorating your ornaments further provides a layer of dimension. Beads, glitter, or small charms can be attached to your ornament, while incorporating ribbons or lace would enhance its elegance.

Lastly, trying other techniques like crocheting or knitting tiny sweaters, socks or hats as ornaments can offer a fun challenge and create an elaborate display. Remember, the goal is to enjoy the process and create something uniquely yours.

Displaying Your DIY Yarn Ornaments

Once your yarn ornaments are complete, consider their placement carefully to ensure they shine in all their DIY glory. Hanging them from a Christmas tree is a traditional choice and works exceptionally well if you’ve opted for festive colors. But don’t limit yourself to trees alone.

Sprinkle them across your mantel, or incorporate them into table settings for a textured touch. Adorn windows by hanging them in clusters for a whimsical display. Their lightweight nature allows for versatility in hanging methods without worry of weight or size limitations.

For a year-round decorative element, consider placing them in a clear glass jar or bowl, creating a colorful, unique centerpiece. Alternatively, use them to enhance gift presentation by attaching one to each gift box or bag. In essence, the possibilities for displaying your handmade yarn ornaments are nearly endless and allow an avenue for personal creativity.

Tips for Perfecting Your Yarn Ornaments

Ensuring a smooth yarn wrap on your ornament may require some practice. Using glue or double-sided sticky tape on the ornament itself before wrapping can help keep the yarn in place. Look out for different thicknesses of yarn – while thicker yarn can make your decoration look fuller and feel plush, thinner yarn can bring out finer details in your work.

When choosing your colors, consider both the color of the yarn and its texture, as these will affect the final appearance of your ornament. Light that reflects off shiny yarns can give your ornaments a beautiful, almost luminescent effect. But be aware that too much shine could overpower the other elements in your ornament.

To help you maintain consistency throughout your project, make a small chart or guide with yarn samples to follow. This can also serve as a quick visual reference when you need to make more ornaments in the future.

While following any pattern, it’s essential to understand the instructions before beginning. Don’t hesitate to run a test on a smaller piece or even diagram the steps on paper. This will give you a solid foundation before you start on the actual ornament and prevent mistakes mid-process.

And remember, crafting is all about enjoying the process! So always strive for progress over perfection.

Where to Buy Materials for Yarn Ornaments

Consider purchasing your crafting materials from local yarn shops as these often offer a unique selection of vibrant colors and textures. Online retailers such as Amazon, Etsy, and Lion Brand Yarn also provide a wide assortment of both synthetic and natural fiber yarns.

For additional crafting items such as glue, scissors, or ornament hooks, conventional department stores or craft supply shops such as Michaels or Joann Fabrics can supply your needs. Always compare prices, review customer opinions, and check product quality before finalizing any purchase.

Availability might vary depending on your location, and remember – opt for eco-friendly options whenever possible.

How to Care for Your Handmade Yarn Ornaments

Keeping your handmade adornments looking their best isn’t as hard as it might seem. A gentle dusting can go a long way in maintaining their pristine condition. Avoid hanging them where they could be exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods, as this could cause them to fade or discolor.

In case of stains, a gentle handwashing in cold water with a mild detergent is recommended. Make sure to air dry them flat to help them retain their shape. Avoid using heat or harsh chemicals, which could cause shrinkage or damage to the fibers.

Wrap and store them carefully during non-holiday seasons to prevent any snags or tangles. Use tissue paper or bubble wrap for added protection.

Lastly, though yarn ornaments are sturdy, they are not indestructible. Handle with care, especially when hanging or removing them from your tree to ensure they last for many holiday seasons to come.


What kind of glue to use on a yarn ball?

For a yarn ball, it is most effective to use a mixture of equal parts white glue and water.

What is the best glue for string ornaments?

The best glue for string ornaments is either Aleene’s Tacky Glue or Mod Podge, mixed in a ratio of 1 part glue to 1 part water.

What is the best glue for string balls?

The best glue for string balls is white craft glue.

Which types of yarn are most suitable for crafting ornaments?

Acrylic, cotton, and wool yarn are most suitable for crafting ornaments due to their durable and shape-holding properties.

How can you incorporate beads or sequins into yarn ornament designs?

Beads or sequins can be incorporated into yarn ornament designs by threading them onto the yarn before knitting or crocheting, and sliding them into place as desired in the pattern.

What are some tips for preserving the longevity of yarn ornaments?

To preserve the longevity of yarn ornaments, avoid direct sunlight, store them in a dry, cool place, and dust regularly with a soft-bristle brush.

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