Where to Buy the Cheapest Yarn: Guide to Affordable Knitting Supplies

Discover a variety of online and physical stores that offer high-quality yet affordable yarn for your crafting needs.

Finding the most affordable yarn for your knitting or crocheting projects doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Numerous online and physical stores offer a wide variety of yarns, from cotton and wool to acrylic and silk, at competitive prices.

This article will guide you through the best places to purchase cheap yet quality yarns, including tips on how to take advantage of sales, discounts, and bulk buying options.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned crafter, you’ll find this information invaluable in stretching your budget while still enjoying your favorite yarn crafts.

Key takeaways:

  • WeCrochet offers affordable yarn options under .
  • Deal Genius has budget-friendly yarn and often features sales.
  • Dollar Tree carries surprisingly cheap yarn options.
  • Lovecrafts offers regular sales and discounts on high-quality yarn.
  • Giftworthy Shop offers value bundles and discounted prices.

Cheapest Online Yarn Stores: A Comprehensive Guide

A person Online Shopping

Online shopping presents a convenient way to purchase yarn at affordable prices. Various online stores offer a wide range of types, colors, and brands of yarn to satisfy differing craft projects and preferences.

WeCrochet specializes in affordable yarn, with plenty of under $5 options perfect for inexpensive knitting or crocheting projects.

Deal Genius is a discount store with a yarn section providing budget-friendly options. They often feature sales, making their affordable yarn even more economical.

Dollar Tree, though not a typical craft store, carries surprisingly cheap yarn options. Their goods turn over quickly, so checking their site regularly can lead to some great finds.

Lovecrafts offers a vast selection of yarn that caters to every budget. They have regular sales and discounts on high-quality yarns.

Giftworthy Shop, known for its carefully curated yarn selection, often offers value bundles and discounted prices.


Remember, while hunting for yarn, comparing prices between stores and scouting for sales is a fantastic method to stretch your yarn-buying budget. Being patient and strategic in your online shopping habits can lead to significant savings!

Crucial Tips for Finding Cheap Yarn Online

Subscribing Online Newsletters

To locate inexpensive yarn online, consider the following strategies:

  • Specifically, look for websites dedicated to yarn and fibre crafts. These often hold sales, offer clearance items, and occasionally provide free shipping.
  • Take advantage of subscribing to newsletters as they often alert subscribers about discounts, new stock clearance, holiday sales, and more.
  • Explore online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, as they host a wide array of yarn brands at diverse price ranges.
  • Participate in social communities such as Ravelry, where users frequently sell or trade their excess yarn at low prices.
  • Check free shipping options. Often, the overall cost is lower when buying within certain thresholds to qualify for free shipping.
  • Visit retailers during sales seasons or annual clearance times, such as post-Christmas, mid-summer, and Black Friday.
  • Verify if the site offers price matching – they may match or even beat lower prices from competitors.
  • Consider buying in bulk. Though an initial expense, larger quantities often offer a price per unit that’s more economical.

WeCrochet: Affordable Yarn Online

Speckled or Sprinkled Yarn

At WeCrochet, the affordable yet high-quality yarn products span a diverse range. Choose from an array of materials and colors, with options to accommodate every skill level, whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or experienced crafter.

  • Wide selection of yarns, including, cotton, acrylic, wool, and blends
  • Offers various weight options, such as lace and thread, to bulky and super bulky
  • Features additional tools and accessories for crochet, like hooks, stitch markers, and pattern books
  • Consistently hosts sales on select products, ensuring even higher value purchases
  • Free shipping is available on orders over $35, substantially reducing overall costs
  • Site features detailed search filters to help quickly find specific yarns by fiber type, weight, and color

Deal Genius Yarn: Budget-Friendly Options

Sale Deal Discount

Deal Genius offers an exciting variety of yarn for every type of project. Stock levels vary, so it’s a good idea to check regularly for new arrivals. Prices usually fall in the $1-$10 range, providing an affordable option for crafters.

Here are some key points to consider:

  • Deal Genius carries a mix of basic, novelty, and specialty yarns. Whether it’s for knitting, crocheting, or any other yarn craft, you’re likely to find what you need.
  • Brands carried include Red Heart, Bernat, Lily and others. Quality isn’t sacrificed for the sake of affordability.
  • Bundle deals may be available, where the more you buy, the more you save. This is ideal when you need lots of yarn for larger projects.
  • They often feature clearance sales offering further discounts on already cheap yarn.
  • Be mindful of the shipping costs. The price of the product might be cheap, but make sure to factor in the shipping before purchasing.
  • To stay updated on the best deals, consider signing up for their email newsletter.

Deal Genius is a great place to find budget-friendly yarn, but remember that yarn selection is subject to availability, so be prepared to explore the site frequently for the best bargains.

Cheap Yarn At Dollar Tree: An Overview

Purchasing Yarn

Dollar Tree often carries an assortment of yarn options, proving that your next handicraft project doesn’t have to blow your budget.

The store stocks yarn in various weights and colors. Check the ongoing deals on their website or directly in the store.

Availability may vary depending on location. Pop into your local Dollar Tree regularly or call before you visit, to confirm if they have yarn in stock.

When comparing prices, remember that Dollar Tree often sells smaller skeins of yarn. Calculate the cost per yard to ensure that you’re getting the best deal.

In addition to staples like acrylic yarn, you may sometimes find cotton or wool-blend yarn there.

Consider Dollar Tree’s yarn for small projects or crafts, like amigurumi or holiday ornaments. Its cost-effective price tag makes it an ideal choice for those.

Always inspect the yarn before purchase. Variances in texture, thickness, or color can occur within the same brand or even the same colorway.

By staying vigilant on deals and examining yarns before purchasing, Dollar Tree can serve as a valuable resource for cost-effective yarn shopping.

Lovecraft’s Economical Yarn Selections

worldwide shipping

LoveCrafts is noted for having a wide range of yarn going from premium brands to more affordable options, making it a versatile online store for craft enthusiasts.

  • Their “Paintbox Yarns” is a line specifically developed with affordability in mind, offering a variety of weights and colors without breaking the bank.
  • Frequent sales and offers on their website allow you to get even more value for your money.
  • The site offers detailed descriptions and reviews for each yarn, which can be beneficial in determining the quality and appropriateness for specific projects.
  • LoveCrafts offers color packs which are a cost-effective way of purchasing a variety of shades.
  • They offer worldwide shipping, which makes it accessible to yarn enthusiasts all over the globe.

Remember to check out their clearance section as well for extra discounts on end-of-line stock. Combining these tips will make shopping at LoveCrafts a cost-effective way to stock up on your yarn stash.

Shop Giftworthy for Value Yarn

Under 5 dollar Deals Sale

Finding value yarn at Shop Giftworthy can be quite straightforward. The online store holds many types of yarn often discounted, from bulky and super bulky to Worsted and DK weights. They have a wide selection of colors and fiber contents, including synthetic and natural fibers.

Here are a few key points to consider:

  • Take advantage of weekly sales and discounts where you may find up to 50% off on selected items.
  • Explore their “Under $5” section for yarns, accessories, and other craft supplies.
  • While shopping, utilize the straightforward site navigation and easy-to-use filters to help narrow down your choices.
  • Keep an eye out for their clearance sales which can often offer a significant discount on high-quality yarns.
  • Don’t forget to sign up for their newsletter for updates on new products, sales, and discount codes. They often offer promo codes with big savings for subscribers.
  • They also offer flat-rate shipping, which can save on costs if you’re purchasing several items.
  • Doing a search for Shop Giftworthy coupon codes online could also yield extra savings.

Remember, whilst the price is a significant factor when buying yarn, it’s equally important not to compromise on the quality. Even discounted, the yarn should serve its purpose to the fullest.

Smiley Yarn’s Inexpensive Options

Low Price Deals Sale

Smiley Yarns is recognized for its low-cost offerings in an array of fibers and weights. From acrylics to cotton blends, you can find a multitude of options suited for most kinds of yarn crafts.

One of the key features of this store is its vast selection of clearance yarn at incredibly low costs. You can expect to find a range of fibers in their clearance section that are ideal for various projects, including sweaters, scarves, blankets, and more.

Shopping at Smiley Yarns is a straightforward process:

  • Visit their website and peruse through their clearance sections for the best deals.
  • Look over the yarn’s information to get details on the composition, weight, and care instructions.
  • Add your selections to your cart and proceed for payment.

Another advantage of Smiley Yarns is their worldwide shipping options, which brings affordable yarn to your doorstep no matter where you are located. Remember, shipping charges can affect the overall cost, so calculate before purchasing to ensure you’re getting the best deal.

Moreover, they frequently run specials that feature offerings at a flat rate. Keeping an eye on these deals can be beneficial if you’re looking to procure high-quality, inexpensive yarn online.

Lastly, signing up to their email newsletter is a good way to stay updated on new arrivals, sales, and other promotional offers. This can further maximize savings, especially for those who frequently purchase yarn.

Yarn Paradise: Find Cheap Yarn Online

Garage Deals Sale

Yarn Paradise is an impressive online retailer offering an array of yarn types, ensuring every crocheter and knitter can find what they need. Here, you can dive into various selections that feature acrylic, cotton, blends, and more – all at truly affordable prices.

The rarity, Ice Yarns section, is a noteworthy spot. Here, you discover specialty yarns that are typically hard to come by in other stores but presented here with pocket-friendly prices.

A remarkable feature of Yarn Paradise is its ‘Garage Sale’ section. This part of the website features heavily discounted items, allowing crafters to make substantial savings.

Also, their weekly promotional package deals are an excellent way to stock up on various yarn types for less.

Even more, the website features a ‘Clearance’ section that updates regularly with new items, creating opportunities for finding affordable, high-quality yarns.

Despite being located in Turkey, Yarn Paradise ships internationally, making it accessible for crafters worldwide.

Do keep in mind the shipping costs and incorporate it into your total yarn budget as Yarn Paradise uses express shipping to ensure its customers receive their purchases quickly.


  • Explore the rarity, Ice Yarns section.
  • Keep an eye on the ‘Garage Sale’ section for discounted yarn.
  • Check out the weekly promotional deals.
  • Regularly visit the ‘Clearance’ section.
  • Take note of shipping costs.

Deramores’ Yarn Offers

High Quality

Deramores houses an impressive range of high-quality yarns at competitive prices for its consumers across the globe. Its extensive product line features both natural and synthetic yarns suitable for all types of crafting projects.

Key Deramores offerings include:

  • A large variety of yarn weights, ranging from lace to super bulky, to accommodate a broad array of projects.
  • Yarns are available in an extensive range of colors, textures, and fibers, including wool, cotton, acrylic, and blends.
  • Enjoy weekly sales and discounts on selected yarn brands.
  • Earn Derapoints with each purchase, exchangeable for discounts on future purchases.
  • Free delivery options for certain regions and above certain order amounts, further enhancing their affordability.
  • An engaging blog platforms offering expert advice, patterns, and yarn reviews, which can assist in making educated yarn choices.

Choosing yarn from Deramores not only provides affordable options but also ensures quality and variety, proving it to be a sound choice for yarn craft enthusiasts.

Hobium: Cost-Saving Yarn Online

Brand Sale Deals

Hobium offers an array of competitively priced yarn making it an attractive destination for budget-conscious crafters. The website sorts the products into various easy-to-navigate categories including brand, type of yarn, weight, and color.

Consider exploring their impressive brand collection, featuring household names and lesser-known gems.

Keeping eyes open for deals and sales takes you a long way, as Hobium often holds discounts on select products.

Hobium is also known for their ‘Lots for Less’ section that presents opportunities for bulk purchases. This is an ideal choice for those working on large projects or wishing to stock up on yarn at low rates.

Noteworthy too is their worldwide shipping, a definite advantage for international crafters. Always make sure to check the shipping costs before making purchases, to ensure maximum savings.

When searching for affordable natural fibers, their “eco yarns” category is a must-visit. The selection merges both affordability and sustainability.

With Hobium, careful browsing and strategic buying will surely lead to substantial yarn savings.

Hobbii’s Discounted Yarn Selections

Sale Items

Hobbii hosts a variety of discounted yarn selections, making it an excellent choice for those seeking high-quality, but budget-friendly, knitting materials. Here are some key features and aspects of shopping for discounted yarn at Hobbii:

  • Broad Selection: From lightweight cotton to chunky wool, Hobbii offers a range of fibers at discounted rates. Ideal for individuals working on diverse projects.
  • Regular Sales: Hobbii’s website is frequently updated with new sale items, offering opportunities to purchase yarn at discounted rates on a regular basis.
  • “Treasure Chest” Feature: This is their variation of a clearance section where you can find hugely reduced prices on several types of yarns.

To make the most out of your visit to Hobbii, save time by checking their ‘Sale’ link directly or keep track of the “Treasure Chest” for extreme price drops on certain yarn types.

Herrschners for Budget Yarn Online

Best Value Deal

Herrschners provides an abundance of inexpensive yarn choices, specializing in a diverse selection for every crocheter and knitter’s needs. Their website offers a well-organized platform that makes the shopping process enjoyable and effortless.

The Categories tool allows shoppers to sort through options based on type, color, brand, or weight, leading to a more personalized shopping experience. The site also indicates the material of the yarn, whether it be acrylic, cotton, or a blend, ensuring that you can easily find the right fit for your project.

In addition, Herrschners frequently offers sales that can reduce prices by as much as 50%. It’s worth checking their Clearance section regularly for the chance to snag luxurious yarns at pocket-friendly prices.

Another note-worthy feature is Herrschners’s Yarn Value Packs. They offer bundles of certain yarn types at a discounted rate, perfect if you’re working on larger quantities that require more of one color or type.

Signing up for their newsletter can also lead to additional savings, as they often send out promo codes and information about exclusive sales to their subscribers, giving you the edge in finding the cheapest yarn.

Ensure to also evaluate the shipping costs when comparing prices. Keep in mind there might be customs charges when ordering internationally. Check their customer service for any further inquiries.

How to Get Free Yarn Online

Online Marketplace

Several online platforms allow crafters to access free or traded yarn, supporting the resourcing and sustainability of these crafting materials.

Freecycle: This is a website where individuals can offer up items they no longer need, including yarn. Since the items are free, you only need to cover the cost of postage or local pickup.

Ravelry’s Yarn Swap: A trusted platform for crafters, Ravelry hosts a section dedicated to yarn swapping. Here, you can exchange yarn you have with other users for something you need.

Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace: Online marketplaces like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace often list unwanted items for free. Just search “free yarn,” and you may be surprised at what you find.

In addition to these options, local garage sales or thrift stores often have a supply of inexpensive, if not free, yarn. Always be sure to regularly check these sources for any new additions.

Additional Methods to Find Cheap Yarn Online

Social media platforms

Aside from the mentioned online stores, other avenues to secure affordable yarn include subscribing to yarn companies’ newsletters, which often share exclusive discounts and sales alerts. Social media platforms can also be a goldmine for special offers and promotional discounts.

Shopping directly from manufacturers or wholesalers, when possible, could result in significant cost savings. Although these require bulk purchases, they can be a smart choice for large projects or knitting circles.

Participating in local knitting or crafting communities could also afford opportunities to swap or share unused yarn. Large crafting events or trade shows may have bargain bins or end-of-line sales, offering high-quality products for lower prices.

Lastly, consider Sustainable shopping options like thrift stores, yard sales, or online reselling platforms. They often carry gently used yarn at a fraction of the retail price, a great move for your budget and the environment.


Which yarn is cheaper?

Hobbii brand yarn is a cheaper alternative without sacrificing quality.

Why is the price of yarn so high?

The price of yarn is high due to the costs involved in breeding and raising the animals, such as sheep, that produce wool, which is a labor-intensive process demanding significant feed, care, and a clean environment.

How to get free yarn for charity?

To obtain free yarn for charity, you can reach out to local churches, libraries, or non-profit organizations that have knitting or crocheting groups, as they typically have donations of yarn that they are willing to share.

How do you make cheap yarn look expensive?

To give a luxurious appearance to inexpensive yarn, carefully brush the fibres with a nylon brush and, if necessary, trim excess fibers with nail scissors to mimic the texture of high-end mohair.

What are the best online platforms for purchasing affordable yarn?

Some of the best online platforms for purchasing affordable yarn include LoveCrafts, KnitPicks, Lion Brand Yarn, Darn Good Yarn, and Yarnspirations.

Are there specific times or seasons when yarn is discounted?

Yes, yarn is usually discounted during major sale seasons like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, post-holidays in January, and mid-summer.

How can I recycle or repurpose existing materials into yarn?

One can recycle or repurpose existing materials into yarn by cutting materials into strips and spinning or twisting them into yarn-like strands.

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