What To Do With Scraps Of Yarn: Creative Ideas and Inspiring Suggestions

Discover creative and fun ways to utilize your leftover yarn scraps and turn them into beautiful, practical crafts.

Scraps of yarn, no matter how small, can be transformed into creative and practical crafts. From colorful yarn garlands and pom-pom bookmarks to woven coasters and mini amigurumi, there’s a plethora of projects that can give your leftover yarn a second life.

This article provides an array of ideas and detailed instructions, making it easy for you to start your next yarn project immediately. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced crafter, these innovative solutions ensure your yarn scraps never go to waste.

Keep reading to explore these fun, eco-friendly, and satisfying yarn craft ideas.

Key takeaways:

  • Use scrap yarn for DIY projects like crochet scarves and weaving coasters.
  • Be eco-friendly by starting a scrap yarn bin or creating a magic yarn ball.
  • Make a crochet blanket or rug using yarn scraps of similar weight.
  • Instructions for crafting with scrap yarn, like multi-color crochet or stuffing.
  • Transform yarn scraps into pom poms, tassels, or new yarn.

Using Scrap Yarn for DIY Projects

Scrap Yarn for DIY Projects

Begin with a collection of harmoniously colored yarn scraps, ensuring each length is long enough to be worked into a project. Choose a simple pattern, a favorite can be the granny square, that can accommodate different yarn types and colors. To add a unique charm, intersperse random color patterns throughout your piece.

For those interested in knitting, start a patchwork scarf. As with crochet, focus on utilizing pieces large enough to make substantial progress before needing to join a new strand. Remember, knots can have an impact on the final result, making it crucial to join yarn in a way that minimizes their visibility and impact on the overall texture.

Alternatively, experiment with yarn scrap weaving. Simple, small-scale weaving projects, such as coasters, bookmarks or wall hangings, can be an exciting way to repurpose even the smallest pieces of leftover yarn. A small loom or a piece of stiff cardboard can be used to start creating.

Finally, consider making a yarn-wrapped wreath for a unique home decoration. It’s a simple and fun project where you wrap yarn scraps tightly around a foam wreath base, varying colors as you wish. Embellish with additional elements such as faux flowers, ribbons, or buttons as desired. This fun and low-stress craft allows for a wide range of customization, making each wreath a unique testament to your creativity.

These ideas share the common theme of not requiring precise amounts of specific yarn types, rendering yarn scrap DIY projects ideal for reducing waste while maximizing creativity. Indeed, it becomes clear that the possibilities are downright remarkable when we begin to think outside the yarn box.

Eco-Friendly Uses of Yarn Scraps

Scrap Yarn Rug

Yarn scraps, irrespective of their size, can be converted into useful objects rather than being discarded. With a bit of creativity, leftover fibers can be put to good use, making not only gorgeous crafts but also contributing to eco-friendliness by minimizing waste.

Start a scrap yarn bin: Instead of trashing small bits of yarn, start a bin where you can collect yarn scraps. Keeping them well-organized by color or fiber type can help with future projects.

Create a magic yarn ball: If the yarn scraps are fairly decent in length, tie them together end-to-end to create a ‘magic yarn ball’. This can be used for any small project like a dishcloth or scarf.

Make a multi-color crochet project: Scrap yarn can be used for multi-colored crochet projects. Granny squares or stripe patterns are especially suited for utilizing different colors of yarn.

Stuffing: If the yarn scraps are too small to be used for anything else, they can be perfect for stuffing. Whether it’s a crocheted stuffed toy or a patchwork pillow, these scraps can provide good volume.

Make a Rug: With numerous yarn scraps, a colorful and eccentric yarn rug can be crafted. This not only utilizes the scraps but also adds a vibrant decorative element to your space.

To successfully utilize your yarn scraps in an eco-friendly manner, all that’s needed is a little creativity, planning, and a keen sense of reducing waste.

Making a Crochet Blanket With Yarn Scraps

Crochet Blanket With Yarn Scraps

Before starting, ensure you have a sizable pile of yarn scraps and a crochet hook of suitable size.

First, decide on a simple crochet stitch that will form the base of your blanket – single crochet, double crochet, or a granny square stitch could work beautifully.

Next, gather your yarn scraps and sort them by thickness and texture to ensure consistency in your stitching.

With your selected stitch and yarn scrap, start crocheting, working the stitch back and forth until you run out of that particular scrap.

Once the first scrap has been used up, simply tie the end of another scrap of yarn to the previous one with a secure knot, and continue by working in your stitch.

Keep going, tying on new scraps of yarn as you run out, until your blanket reaches the desired size.

Trim any yarn ends protruding from your work and weave them into the body of the blanket using a yarn needle.

Remember, this type of blanket is intended to be random and every piece will be unique. The joy of it is, it can continually be added to as you amass more scraps from future projects.

Finally, don’t forget to wash and block your blanket, as this will help even out any tension discrepancies between different yarn types and make your blanket neat, tidy, and ready to display or use.

Instructions for Crafting With Leftover Yarn

sort and categorize the yarn scraps

Before starting any project, sort and categorize the yarn scraps by material, thickness, and color. It also helps to untangle and roll each scrap into a mini ball to keep things organized.

To craft a multi-colored scarf, join different colors of the same material and thickness. This adds a unique color-block effect that’s visually pleasing.

Use small scraps to create an interesting textured piece of woven wall art. Simply weave the yarn through a rigid grid-like base, experiment with various weaving techniques to give texture and depth.

Try knitting or crocheting small amigurumi toys or keychain ornaments, an ideal project for leftover yarn as they often require minimal amounts and multiple colors.

Remember to choose projects that suit the material and weight of your yarn scraps. For example, lighter weight yarn would work well for detailed projects such as lace doilies, while chunky yarn scraps can be used for sturdy projects, like a knitted basket.

For larger scraps, consider piecing them together for a patchwork throw or afghan. You can also crochet small squares or hexagons and join them together to form a colorful geometric design.

An innovative way to use leftover yarn is to incorporate them into other crafts, such as scrapbooking, card making, or as unique wrapping ties for gifts, providing a special handmade touch.

Lastly, explore the russian join method for connecting two pieces of yarn – a seamless way to link scraps without knots, enhancing the overall finish of your creation.

Turning Yarn Scraps Into Pom Poms

Small Pom Poms

Start by gathering all the yarn scraps in different colors and lengths. Before beginning the process, ensure to have a pair of sharp scissors, cardboard, and a thread.

First, cut two doughnut shapes out of cardboard, the size of these would dictate the size of the pom pom. The hole in the middle of the doughnut needs to be big enough to thread the yarn through.

Afterwards, start threading the scraps of yarn through the hole and around the outside of the card, repeating this until the cardboard is covered thickly with yarn. The more yarn used, the denser the pom pom.

Next, carefully cut through the yarn along the outside edge of the cardboard. It’s crucial to hold the yarn in place in the middle to ensure it doesn’t unravel.

Then, take a separate piece of yarn and wrap it around the middle where the cut has been made and tie it tightly. This will secure the pom pom. The cardboard can now be removed.

Finally, give the pom pom a slight trim if necessary, to even out the strands and make it a perfect sphere. Now the pom pom is ready for any project, be it a fun hair accessory, clothing embellishment or home decor item.

How to Create a Latch Hook Cushion Cover With Yarn Scraps

Cushion Cover With Yarn Scraps

First, prepare the materials needed which include a latch hook tool, a latch hook canvas, and your yarn scraps.

Align your yarn scraps together. Cut them to the same length, typically around 2-3 inches long for optimal cushion density.

Fold a yarn scrap over the hook of the latch hook tool. Make sure to align the ends of the yarn to the shorter toe of the latch hook tool, then close the latch over the yarn.

Once the latch is closed, push the latch hook tool through a hole in the latch hook canvas. Keep pushing until the hook, along with the yarn, comes out on the other side. Pull the tool back through the hole but make sure the latch remains open.

The latch will automatically close once it has passed through the hole. This action will pull the yarn through itself creating a knot. Repeat this process on every hole in the latch hook canvas until it’s fully covered with the yarn scraps.

After you’ve covered your latch hook canvas with yarn, it’s time to create the cushion cover. Take two matching sized fabric pieces. Sew three sides together with the right sides facing each other.

Turn the covers to the right sides out then insert the latch hook canvas on the open side. Finally, sew the open side shut to seal the cushion.

Even though the steps may seem complex, it’s all about repetition and patience. Soon, you’ll be turning all your yarn scraps into beautiful, unique cushion covers.

Easy Steps to Creating Yarn Tassels

Yarn Tassels

To craft yarn tassels, gather pointed scissors, a heavyweight paper in the length you want the tassel, a crochet hook, and, of course, your yarn scraps.

Start by winding the yarn around the length of your paper. The thickness of your tassel depends on how many times the yarn is wound. After satisfactorily coiling the yarn around the paper, slide a piece of yarn underneath the top end and knot it to secure everything in place.

Next, with utmost care, slide your scissors under the bottom loops and cut them open. This will form the dangling part of your tassel.

Once the loops are cut, take another scrap yarn, make sure it’s longer than the rest, and use it to hold the tassel head together. Loop it about an inch or so from the top and knot it securely.

Now, you can leave your tassel as it is, or you can use a crochet hook to tidy up the head of your tassel and weave any loose ends back into it, creating a polished appearance.

Remember, the color and size of your tassel solely depend on the yarn scraps you have at hand. This project offers an excellent way to repurpose your yarn, while crafting unique decorations, ideal for accessorizing bags, bookmarks, or jewelry. The potential uses for these crafty tassels are endless; all it takes is a bit of creativity.

Creating Friendship Bracelets From Yarn Scraps

Scrap Yarn Bracelet

Begin by selecting various colors and textures of yarn scraps available. Ensure they’re of similar thickness for uniformity. Opt for vibrant colors for a summer touch or muted tones for a subtle approach.

Firstly, tie a knot at the end of a group of yarn scraps. Attach this end to a secure location for ease during the creation process. Secondly, choose four strands and begin the braiding process. Switch to another set of strands after every few inches to create a multi-colored effect.

An advanced option is to master the skill of creating patterns. Try incorporating a heart design or chevron pattern for a fancier friendship bracelet. There are numerous online tutorials that can assist with this process.

When it comes to the length, ensure it will comfortably fit around the wrist of the wearer. Secure the end with a knot. Lastly, to fasten the bracelet, add a button or create a loop with one of the strands of yarn.

With these steps, any leftover yarn can be transformed into a unique piece of jewelry. Besides being a great way to reuse yarn scraps, these bracelets make excellent gifts. Just imagine – a handcrafted bracelet from used yarn scraps; it’s the perfect combination of sustainability and sentimentality.

How to Transform Yarn Scraps Into New Yarn Using Re-spinning Technique

 Yarn Scraps Re-spinning Technique

Begin by sorting the yarn scraps by weight, such as lace, fingering, DK, or worsted. This ensures that after re-spinning, the new yarn is uniform in size.

Next, prepare the yarn scraps by trimming them to an even length. Aim for between four and eight inches.

Decide on whether you want a random pattern or a specific color sequence. For a random effect, simply mix all your trimmed yarn pieces together. If a pattern is desired, arrange the scraps accordingly.

To create the new yarn, you will need to join each scrap piece together. Hold the ends of two pieces of yarn in your hands, with about 2-3 inches overlapping. With your preferred spinning tool, whether that’s a drop spindle or spinning wheel, spin these yarn ends together, using the same direction that the yarn was initially spun.

Continue with this process, adding in more pieces of scrap yarn as you go until you have spun all your scraps.

Wind the finished yarn onto a bobbin or yarn winder for ease of usage. By following these steps, you transform your yarn scraps into exciting new yarn ideal for mini projects or as accent yarn in larger works.

Creating Holiday Decorations With Yarn Scraps

Holiday Decorations With Yarn Scraps

Creating holiday decorations from yarn scraps is one way to add a personalized touch to your festivities. The versatility of these remnants lends itself well to various craft ideas.

Design and craft a DIY yarn scrap Christmas tree. This involves forming a cone shape using cardstock and progressively looping sections of yarn around it. The tree might then be embellished with beads or buttons for a festive finish.

Weave a mini festive wreath. Using a circular form as a base, you can wrap it continuously with different colored yarns and finish it off with a ribbon or bow from the same material.

Create yarn scrap ornaments in any shape you desire. Simple shapes like stars or hearts work best. Start by cutting the shape from cardboard and then wrap yarn around it until fully covered. These lightweight decorations add color and texture to your tree.

A holiday garland made from yarn pom-poms looks festive strung across your tree or mantle. Make multiple pom-poms from yarn scraps and string them together with a needle and thread.

Hand-knit stockings can be yet another project. Scraps of yarn make perfect stripes or patterns, which give each stocking its unique character.

Standing yarn scrap figures, like reindeer or snowmen, could be placed as centerpiece or around a miniature holiday scene. Wooden craft sticks can be used for the structure and wrapped in yarn.

Practicing these projects will not only add a heartwarming, personal touch to your decor but also contribute towards a sustainable lifestyle by utilizing otherwise discarded items.

How to Make Crochet Cushion Covers From Yarn Scraps

Yarn Swatch

Begin by selecting yarn scraps in matching or contrasting colors, ensuring they are of similar weight and material for consistent texture. Gather crochet hooks that match to the yarn weight.

Start crocheting squares or circles depending upon your preferred cushion pattern. Ensure each crochet piece is large enough to cover at least one side of the cushion. Keep crocheting additional pieces till you have enough to cover the entire cushion.

Connect the crochet pieces together using the whip stitch or slip stitch methods. Attach them edge to edge, keeping the right sides together. Continue until all pieces are connected and form cover the cushion size.

Make sure your assembled cover fits snugly on the cushion. To do this, you can wrap the unfinished cover over the cushion and keep adjusting till it fits perfectly.

Create a back for the cushion in the same way, but consider adding a slit or a space for buttons, to remove and replace the cushion when necessary.

Once your cover is fully assembled and complete, finish off by weaving in any loose ends from your scraps.

Remember, each crochet cushion cover will be unique due to the different colors and types of yarn scraps used. So, experiment freely to create your own piece of art.


What can I crochet with scrap yarn?

Scrap yarn can be utilized to create crochet accessories like ear warmers, fingerless gloves, cowls, shawls, and beginner beanies, often yielding a playful and fun vibe due to color changes.

What are some easy knitting projects for utilizing leftover yarn?

Easy knitting projects for using leftover yarn include crafting dishcloths, scarves, coasters, headbands, potholders, bookmarks, and mini-tote bags.

Can you provide innovative ideas for various yarn crafts using scrap yarn?

Scrap yarn can be used to create decorative pompoms, color-popping coasters, vibrant afghan blankets, intricate mandalas, or even unique jewelry pieces such as yarn-crafted earrings and necklaces.

How can one turn scrap yarn into appealing home decor items?

One can turn scrap yarn into appealing home decor items by creating unique crafts such as yarn-wrapped letters, colorful yarn balls, pom-pom garlands, yarn chandeliers, wall art, or beautiful woven rugs.

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